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Haier Launches Super Heavy-Duty Air Conditioners in India

Haier Appliances India, the globally acclaimed major appliances brand reigning as the No.1 for 15 consecutive years, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners. This cutting-edge range incorporates Hexa Inverter and Supersonic cooling technologies, promising an unparalleled cooling experience that is 20 times faster while enabling up to 65% energy savings.

Haier India launches its Super Heavy-Duty range of air conditioners with Hexa inverter technology for more powerful performance and energy-saving

Setting a New Standard in Cooling Technology

Haier India continues its legacy of customer-centric innovation by introducing advanced features in their new range of air conditioners. The focus on customer comfort and energy efficiency is evident through key features like HEXA Inverter Technology, Supersonic Cooling in just 10 seconds, Frost Self-Clean Technology, and Intelli Convertible 7-in-1. This dedication to meeting evolving consumer needs sets a high benchmark in the industry.

Mr. NS Satish, President of Haier Appliances India, emphasized the brand’s commitment to providing smarter, convenient, and comfortable solutions for consumers. He highlighted the challenges posed by extreme Indian weather conditions, especially during the scorching summers. The Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners are designed to tackle these challenges head-on with Hexa Inverter technology, ensuring maximum comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency.

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Haier Launches Super Heavy-Duty Air Conditioners in India

Advancements in Cooling Technology

HEXA Inverter Technology

The revolutionary HEXA Inverter Technology employed in the new air conditioners enhances performance and efficiency across various operating conditions. These air conditioners are tailored to endure India’s harsh summers, delivering exceptional cooling performance while consuming up to 65% less energy compared to traditional models. This technology proves to be a game-changer in providing cost-effective and reliable cooling solutions to Indian consumers.

Supersonic Cooling in 10 Seconds

The Supersonic Cooling feature in the new range offers a remarkable cooling experience, 20 times faster than standard air conditioners. Even amidst the intense heat of Indian summers, these air conditioners excel in providing rapid and efficient cooling, effectively combating temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Frost Self-Clean Technology

Haier prioritizes clean and healthy air circulation with the inclusion of Frost Self-Clean Technology in the entire inverter air conditioner range. This technology ensures 99.9% sterilization and clean air flow within a mere 21 minutes, safeguarding the well-being of customers.

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Intelli Convertible 7 in 1

The Intelli Convertible 7-in-1 feature offers users the flexibility to adjust cooling capacity according to their specific requirements. Additionally, the Intelli Pro Sensor facilitates automatic adjustments for optimal performance, allowing users to customize the tonnage of the air conditioner based on their needs, ultimately leading to increased energy efficiency.

Longevity and Performance Assurance

The new range of air conditioners is designed for longevity and robust performance. Special features like high ambient performance, effective conformal coating for component protection, Super Anti Corrosion attribute for durability, and a Hyper Printed Circuit Board ensure stable operations, enhancing the overall lifespan of the air conditioners.

Pricing and Offers

Haier’s Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners will be available at all leading electronic stores, starting at INR 49,990. As part of the launch promotion, customers can benefit from a 5-year comprehensive warranty inclusive of gas charging (valued at INR 15,990), cashback offers of up to INR 8,000, free standard installation worth INR 1,500, and a compressor warranty for 12 years.

Buy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3IZWrpA


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