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Overwatch 2 Esports News: A New Era Begins

By the time you will be reading this article, a new era of Overwatch 2 eSports has begun. This new beginning is full of surprises and interesting events.

Curious about what it is and how it is interesting to you? Well, then you are not alone, and there are thousands of others like you. And that’s exactly when you can use this article to learn about Overwatch 2 eSports. So, without any delays, let’s dive in.

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Overwatch 2 eSports

Recently Overwatch has shifted the focus of spotlight on itself by breaking surprising news. It is about an agreement between Overwatch and ESL FACEIT Group (EFG). This agreement is expect to bring a new era of game’s esports to life.

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On the one hand is The Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., also well known as the developers of Overwatch 2, a huge free – to – play first person shooting game. And on the other hand there is ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) a leading name in the esports and video game entertainment field.

These two has agreed on a multi – year agreement, which introduces the Overwatch Champion Series. This is the beginning of a new chapter for the Overwatch 2 eSports, which is an inclusive and open competitive ecosystem.

More than that, this ecosystem focuses on offering more opportunities to the players to become pros of the field. And it also identifies the need of introduction of new community platforms that can facilitate Overwatch esports operations.

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Well, we can say here that it’s a win-win situation for all; players will get more opportunities to become pro. Blizzard and ESL can use the new popularity and provide their users with something unique and exciting.

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The Overwatch 2 eSports or also known as the OWCS provides an esports circuit that is always – on, open, and international. So, this marks the starting of the historic chapter for the Overwatch 2 and Blizzard Entertainment.

This global competition circuit is open for the players across Middle East, North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia. Through this agreement, Blizzard can take advantage of the EFG’s all properties to make inclusive, open and sustainable competitive community of players.

Talking about the operations, the EFG will be incharge of operations and conduct the Overwatch Champions Series. It will conduct the operations in North America and EMEA, while WDG will operate the Asia OWCS circuit.

In each region mentioned above, there will be separate set of open qualifiers and tournaments. They will culminate in two live in – person international events. This is intended to bring together the fans and players of the game across the world together.

All we can say here is that, a thriving esports event series is going to gear up. And it will be worthwhile to witness a new history getting unfold.


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