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ONEXPLAYER 2 is finally here with a powerful AMD 6800U processor

This week, One-Netbook released its newest product, ONEXPLAYER 2. The first 8.4′′ console with the most powerful AMD 6800U chipset, ONEXPLAYER 2, has been eagerly awaited by big screen fans. The console maintains the benefits of the previous ONEXPLAYER, including best-in-class setup and ergonomic design for an immersive gaming experience. As a Windows console, it still outperforms Steam Deck in many gaming titles due to improved optimization.

The ONEXPLAYER 2 is a powerful Windows console that builds on its predecessor’s strengths. The AMD RyzenTM 7 6800U Processor is at the heart of the device, and it has been demonstrated to run even the most demanding AAA titles with ease. The ONEXPLAYER 2 ensures a reliable and seamless gaming experience with consistently high frames per second when paired with the strong Radeon 680M graphics. The ONEXPLAYER 2 redefines portable gaming consoles with its cutting-edge hardware and optimum performance.

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The ONEXPLAYER 2 has an 8.4-inch Full-HD IPS display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, which provides an immersive gaming experience.

According to industry data, a considerable majority of players prefer larger screens on portable consoles, and the ONEXPLAYER 2 meets this need by delivering a larger screen size than its competitors in the 7-inch category.

Despite its larger screen size, the ONEXPLAYER 2 has a more comfortable grip than the prior model. The curvature of the handle fits naturally in the hand, giving a pleasant and solid grip for long gaming sessions. This upgraded grip design provides better comfort and control, letting you to concentrate on the game and have a more immersive experience. Aside from ergonomics like button arrangement and linear trigger, the ONEXPLAYER 2 utilises the most recent Hall joystick technology based on input from players.

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credit: wccftech

The removable controller is one of the most interesting new features of the ONEXPLAYER 2. It enables greater freedom and customization in how consumers play their favourite games. By removing the controllers from ONEXPLAYER 2, you may now have a separate standalone screen for gaming and attach the controller to a more classic gamepad grip. With a second controller, you can also enjoy the excitement with friends and family in popular multiplayer games like It Takes Two or the upcoming Party Animals.

The ONEXPLAYER 2 is loaded with features that improve the user experience in every way. In addition to its strong hardware and detachable controller, the ONEXPLAYER 2 includes Harman speakers for extremely immersive gaming and video experiences.

credit: wccftech

ONEXPLAYER 2 is pleased to announce the debut of its official online preview page, which includes full product information and specifications. The ONEXPLAYER 2 will be available for preorder on Indiegogo beginning December 18, 2022 at 16:00 PDT. The orders will be fulfilled and delivered in March 2023. The starting price is $899.

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