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OnePlus Pad 2 Anticipated for Second Half of 2024 Debut, Reveals Insider Tip

OnePlus made a splash in the tablet space with the global launch of the OnePlus Pad in February. Less than a year after that release, the company has acknowledged that consumers’ needs are very diverse. That sentiment is echoed in a rumor from Weibo, which indicates that OnePlus launched a companion product – the OnePlus Pad Go.

OnePlus Pad 2

The Upcoming OnePlus Pad 2

More details on the follow-up device, which would be specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Indian market, may be found at the link. The releases of the first three products only increased everyone’s expectations for their successors, notably the OnePlus Pad 2. Until Max Jambor just a few days ago, the only info we had regarding this launch event was this video.

image 15 38 jpg OnePlus Pad 2 Anticipated for Second Half of 2024 Debut, Reveals Insider Tip

The fans of the brand have already been impressed by the presented brand-new tablet. It is not yet known details about which features the device will have. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the original OnePlus Pad also appeared in the Chinese market after some time under the name of OPPO Pad 2. So it is quite possible that the OnePlus Pad 2 will also initially be released to the Chinese market.

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At the same time, rumors have already appeared on the network about the OPPO Pad 3. On April 3, 2022, the digital leakster Digital Chat Station tweeted that the OPPO Pad 3 will be the first Snapolin 8 Gen 3. This represents a noteworthy advancement compared to its predecessor, which boasted a Dimensity 9000 SoC. Digital Chat Station also predicts that consumers might not need to wait, with the OPPO Pad 3 likely hitting shelves in the second quarter of the year, running from April to June.

image 15 37 jpg OnePlus Pad 2 Anticipated for Second Half of 2024 Debut, Reveals Insider Tip

As the world eagerly awaits whether the OnePlus competitor and the OPPO are set to knock the market, the stage is set to get interested. Although the OnePlus Pad 2 seems to have a global presence, the OPPO Pad 3 might be confined to the domestic market, which makes the race even more interesting. It is the mystery of what is to come that keeps every tablet lover excited about the electronic device’s technological race.


  1. What’s new about the OnePlus Pad 2 compared to the original model?

    Specific details about the upgrades and enhancements of the OnePlus Pad 2 have not been revealed yet.

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  2. Will the OnePlus Pad 2 be available globally?

    While a global launch is expected, an official confirmation regarding market availability is awaited from OnePlus.


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