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Get A Spectacular List of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

Since starring in Disney XD’s Kickin’ It as her first mainstream role, Olivia Holt has been leaving her mark for years. Olivia Holt has played a number of characters throughout the years, including Tandy Bowen, half of the legendary Marvel team Cloak and Dagger, and Kim Crawford, a black belt in karate.

As Kate Wallis, the beloved and traumatized character from Cruel Summer’s first season, she went on to make a huge impression on Freeform. In addition, Olivia Holt expanded into the music business when she played Roxie Hart on Broadway in Chicago, fusing acting with song.

Here is the list of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows-

Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

10. Same Kind of Different As Me (2017)

Same Kind Of Different As Me is a religious story about racism and class inequalities between a wealthy guy and a destitute man, based on a true story and novel. Olivia Holt may have a strong performance in the movie, but the tale does not revolve around her. Olivia Holt is not given as much room to give her all in Same Kind Of Different As Me as she would in other films and television shows where she gets more room to stretch out and has more screen time.

9. The Standoff (2016)

Olivia Holt has a prominent role as Amy, one of the various ensemble members participating in a contest to win a complimentary car. Amy’s main foe at school, Farrell, is also up for the car. Despite the fact that Olivia Holt inhabits the role, none of the ensemble actors have much to work with in this film. The main plot revolves around the central characters’ attempt to win an automobile, which makes for a thin premise. It’s a straightforward film, but unlike many others, it doesn’t showcase her talent.

q1 Get A Spectacular List of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

8. Status Update (2018)

In a film about a new student named Kyle Moore who tries to fit in, Olivia Holt plays Dani McKenzie. Because of Dani’s desire to win The Slam competition and their shared love of music, Kyle suggests that Dani enter her song, “Drowning,” in the competition. Olivia Holt has the chance to delve into the tumultuous world of Status Update following Kyle’s overconfidence and abandonment of his pals to appeal to the popular crowd.

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7. I Didn’t Do It

Despite Olivia Holt’s great fun and humor as the show’s main character Lindy Watson, I Didn’t Do It is one of the least memorable sitcoms on Disney Channel. In its first season, the show presented a formulaic episode concept. The episode opened with turmoil surrounding Lindy and her brother Logan, who attempted to deny any responsibility for the destruction. Although breaking from that format in season two gave the show more personality, it was nonetheless cancelled.

6. Kickin’ It

A Black Belt Challenge Kim Crawford, Olivia Holt gives a humorous look at Kim’s lack of dancing skills while appreciating the character’s karate skills. When other characters, like Rudy, Jerry, Milton, or Eddie, start to become bigger than life, she helps keep the show grounded. One of the most important aspects of the show was the interaction between Kim and Jack, which gradually transformed from friendship to romance.

Kim attended the Otai Academy in Japan after Olivia Holt, a series regular on Kickin’ It, left to pursue I Didn’t Do It at the end of the third season. Despite this, Kim returned as a guest star and made an appearance in the series finale.

tt98 Get A Spectacular List of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

5. Turkey Drop

Lucy makes a concerted effort to prevent her boyfriend from ending their relationship during Thanksgiving break after learning that he may be doing so. Lucy is inspired to try to recreate the enchantment of a relationship that is counting down the days till it ends by the idea of the Turkey Drop. Despite Lucy’s best efforts, the relationship between her and Jordan has come to an end, particularly as she seems more chemistry with Dean, her brother’s childhood buddy of many years.

Lucy’s desperate attempt to hold onto something familiar in her life is depicted by Olivia Holt. Her long-term romance ends, her parents are going through a difficult time, and she is forced to step outside of her comfort zone by her college experience. Her exchanges with Dean show a more developed form of a relationship in which Lucy is not required to lie at the beginning.

4. Girl Vs. Monster (2012)

Girl Vs. Monster stars Olivia Holt as fifteen-year-old Skylar, who learns that her dull parents are actually monster hunters. Fear strikes, something Skylar has never experienced before due to the unintentional release of her monster, Deimata. Skylar has shown bravery in the face of Deimata’s imprisonment, never once giving in to the normal fears and anxiety that her friends and classmates tend to have about public speaking or gymnastics.

But Olivia Holt pulls it off, portraying a helpless adolescent girl who doesn’t know why she’s feeling so strongly but is still determined to defeat Deimata when Skylar is made to feel these feelings for the first time. The fear that Deimata instills in Skylar is unfamiliar. On the other hand, Olivia Holt’s presentation of Skylar’s development and arc suggests naturally that she should rise up, accept herself, and face the enormous fear head-on rather than giving in to it.

r jpg Get A Spectacular List of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

3. Class Rank (2017)

A tumultuous friendship develops between the academically driven Veronica and Bernard as they work together to support Bernard’s candidacy for the Board of Education, particularly when sexual feelings are involved. Olivia Holt’s portrayal of Veronica gives her the full emotional range of a broken teenage girl looking for friendship from someone else. Olivia Holt goes all effort to give Veronica’s emotions a genuine feel so the audience may share in her shoes as things for her and Bernard go darker.

2. Cloak and Dagger

Although Tandy Bowen’s family life is not the greatest, things start to drastically alter when she is given superhuman abilities. With Tyrone as her new criminal accomplice and a blade in her possession, Tandy is leading a more satisfying life than she had before. Cloak and Dagger are anchored in an unexpected friendship with boundless possibilities by Tyrone and Tandy’s bond.

Instead of standard superhero spectacles, Cloak and Dagger decided to investigate a superhero program that focused more on the people, their lives, and societal issues. By doing this, the program has more space to examine Tyrone and Tandy as individuals rather than merely superheroes. Olivia Holt returned to the role when Tandy and Tyrone made an appearance in Marvel’s Runaways following the cancellation of Cloak and Dagger.

cee3 Get A Spectacular List of Olivia Holt Movies and TV Shows

1.Cruel Summer

In the first season of the anthology series, Olivia Holt plays Kate Wallis, a character who combines drama, mystery, vulnerability, and intrigue. The main question of the season is whether classmate Jeanette Turner saw Kate Wallis at Martin Harris’ residence.

Kate Wallis portrays a range of emotions over the course of the three-year run of the show. She is shown as an optimistic adolescent girl going through a risky grooming situation, a hostage taken by a guy she felt she could trust, and a devastated teenager after the events surrounding Martin Harris’s murder. Kate’s desperation, resentment, and uncertainty are evident in the way she faces the challenges that come with growing older.

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