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Nvidia’s near ‘unhackable’ hash limiter bypassed on RTX 3060

We already know that Nvidia will be adding hash rate limiters for Etherium mining in its upcoming cards. But according to fresh sources, some Chinese cryptocurrency miners have already successfully bypassed the hash rate limiter of the RTX 3060.

Sources indicate that the limiter was indeed bypassed and also that Nvidia has refused to make any official comments on the situation. I am sure they didn’t expect this to happen. Reports indicate that Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 could mine Etherium at a consistent rate of 46MH/s for six hours. But according to team green, Nvidia’s hash rate limiters kick in after a few minutes, reducing the mining rate to 25MH/s.

One user managed to push it to 50MH/s with some tweaks to the graphics card’s settings. Another Twitter user claimed that his GeForce RTX 3060 managed to hit the 45MH/s mark. Since there is no VBIOS or driver modification requirement, all you need to do is install the GeForce 470.05 development driver.

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According to sources, and have also managed to bypass the 25MH/s restriction. The former used the stock Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 VBIOS, while the latter installed TechPowerUp’s custom version with build number

When Nvidia released its hash limiter, it was termed as nearly ‘unhackable’ by the manufacturer. But things are slated to get even worse now, with Etherium’s proof of work model due to expire soon. Miners will want to accumulate as much coin as possible to cement their position in the new proof of stake model.



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