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NVIDIA reportedly Working on an Ultimate Ada Lovelace GPU Under its Titan Class

NVIDIA may be working on a new Titan-class graphics card under their Ada Lovelace portfolio, complete with the entire AD102 GPU and some absurd specifications. The rumor comes from Kopite7kimi, who previously revealed in April that NVIDIA was working on a full-fat AD102 ‘Ada Lovelace’ GPU arrangement in addition to the RTX 4090 Ti. The leaker revealed this card and its preliminary specifications, and it will undoubtedly be an insane beast if it ever goes on sale.

According to rumors, the next-generation NVIDIA Titan graphics card will be built on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture and will have 144 SMs on 18,432 CUDA cores. Based on the clock speeds, this graphics card may be able to break over the 100 TFLOPs Compute barrier. The graphics card is believed to include 48 GB of GDDR6X memory spread across a 384-bit bus interface.

NVIDIA will not skimp on VRAM specifications, including the latest 24 Gbps memory modules capable of delivering up to 1.152 TB/s of VRAM bandwidth to the GPU

That’s a 14% boost in memory bandwidth over the current RTX 3090 Ti flagship, which has 21 Gbps memory dies. The next RTX 4090 is also believed to use the same 21 Gbps memory dies, with the 24 Gbps dies reserved for the premium ‘Ti’ variant.

In terms of power consumption, the new NVIDIA Titan will be insane, with a TDP that is double that of the RTX 3090 Ti, rated at up to 900W. According to the leaker, the test board for this arrangement has two 16-pin connectors. Each 16-pin connector can handle up to 600 Watts of power, but NVIDIA will include a triple 8-pin adapter with its next-generation cards.

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A four 8-pin adaptor could be included in the RTX 4090 Ti, which is expected to have a TDP of 600W. The new Titan will undoubtedly be a very limited variant, but more significantly, we should consider whether there is a market need for a Titan graphics card.

Based on the Ampere lineup, we noticed that NVIDIA not only did not introduce a Titan graphics card but that the Titan series was largely superseded by its BFGPU-class GeForce RTX portfolio. The larger capacity cards were still released as part of the workstation RTX A**** lineup, which also received the complete GA102 treatment, but there was no Titan class aside from the RTX 3090 Ti and the RTX A6000.

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