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Nintendo Switch 2 Performance: Docked Comparable to PS4 Pro; Handheld Quality and Battery Beat Steam Deck

In a video, from the known tech YouTuber ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ it was mentioned that the Nintendo Switch 2’s performance when connected to a TV is expected to be similar to that of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The video also reveals that the upcoming Switch model may use the rumored Samsung 8nm technology and could feature 12GB of memory. The YouTuber addresses the belief that Nintendo doesn’t prioritize performance stating that while they do care they have performance targets for each console release.

Nintendo Switch 2

All About the Nintendo Switch 2

A previous report hinted that the chip in the Nintendo Switch 2 might not match up to the Xbox Series S in terms of performance. This claim is supported by the YouTuber in their video suggesting that although the Switch 2 could approach the capabilities of Microsoft’s budget console it may have frame rates. Based on expected specs it is anticipated that when connected to a TV the Switch 2’s performance will be on par with that of the PS4 Pro with a comparison also made to Microsoft’s generation Xbox One X.

image 2 90 jpg Nintendo Switch 2 Performance: Docked Comparable to PS4 Pro; Handheld Quality and Battery Beat Steam Deck

In terms of gaming capability, it is predicted by the YouTuber that the visual quality with ray tracing and battery life on the Switch 2 will likely exceed those of Valves Steam Deck even though its overall performance may slightly lag behind the Valves platform.

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The YouTuber predicts that even if Nintendo decides to use clock speeds and implement cooling techniques the Switch 2’s GPU performance may surpass that of the Steam Deck by 20 30% albeit, with less powerful CPU performance specifically geared towards gaming. As a result, the Switch 2 could potentially achieve 720p high resolution with light ray tracing at 30 frames per second, compared to the Steam Deck’s 720p low resolution at 40 frames per second.

image 2 91 jpg Nintendo Switch 2 Performance: Docked Comparable to PS4 Pro; Handheld Quality and Battery Beat Steam Deck

While Nintendo has yet to officially announce the Switch successor, recent rumors suggest a potential launch early next year. As indicated by ‘Moore’s Law is Dead,’ the expected price range for the Switch 2 is between $399 and $499.


  1. <strong>How does the Nintendo Switch 2 compare to the PS4 Pro in terms of performance?</strong>

    Analysis suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2’s docked performance is comparable to that of the PS4 Pro.

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  2. <strong>What advantages does the Nintendo Switch 2 offer over the Steam Deck for handheld gaming?</strong>

    The Nintendo Switch 2 is predicted to outperform the Steam Deck in handheld mode, particularly in terms of image quality and battery life.


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