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Nintendo strengthen Development Team with Acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

In a move that reflects the company’s determination to reinforce its development capabilities, Nintendo has acquired Shiver Entertainment, founded in Miami and producing hits such as Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1 for Switch consoles.

Development Team

Shiver’s Expertise to Strengthen Nintendo’s Development Arsenal

Previously owned by Embracer Group, Shiver boasts a team of experienced developers with a proven track record of successful porting and development across various platforms, including Nintendo’s beloved Switch console. By welcoming Shiver under its wing, Nintendo aims to secure “high-level resources for porting and developing software titles,” as stated in the official press release

The acquisition highlights Nintendo’s commitment to expanding its internal development muscle, particularly as the company gears up for the highly anticipated launch of the Switch’s successor, tentatively scheduled for 2025.

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Shiver to Maintain Focus on Multi-Platform Development

image 2 25 Nintendo strengthen Development Team with Acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

While becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nintendo, Shiver will continue its core focus on porting and developing games for multiple platforms, with the Switch remaining a key target. This ensures a steady stream of engaging titles for Nintendo fans while potentially fostering future collaborations on exclusive titles for the Switch and beyond

Financial Details and Leadership

Financial details surrounding the acquisition haven’t been disclosed by Nintendo. The company did, however, assure that the buyout will have a minimal impact on its current fiscal year’s business results. Shiver is led by industry veteran John Schappert, who boasts an impressive resume including founding EA Tiburon (the studio behind the Madden and NCAA Football franchises) and holding prominent positions at EA and Xbox.

Strategic Acquisition for a Changing Landscape

This acquisition marks a rare instance of Nintendo venturing into the realm of studio purchases. The company’s previous significant acquisitions include longtime collaborators SRD in 2022 and Next Level Games in 2021. The move comes at a pivotal time for Nintendo, with the upcoming Switch successor and the ever-evolving gaming landscape demanding a robust development arm.

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Embracer Group Streamlines Operations

image 3 19 Nintendo strengthen Development Team with Acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

On the other hand, the sale of Shiver reflects Embracer Group’s ongoing restructuring efforts. The Swedish gaming conglomerate has been streamlining its operations by divesting of certain studios and franchises to focus on core holdings and cost reduction.

What Does This Mean for Gamers?

The acquisition of Shiver Entertainment by Nintendo signifies a positive development for gamers. With Shiver’s expertise and Nintendo’s resources, gamers can expect a continued flow of high-quality titles on the Switch and potentially groundbreaking experiences on the upcoming Switch successor. Shiver’s multi-platform focus also ensures a diverse range of games for players across various platforms.

Looking Ahead

image 4 22 Nintendo strengthen Development Team with Acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

The acquisition of Shiver Entertainment strengthens Nintendo’s development capabilities and positions the company for continued success in the ever-competitive gaming industry.

With a talented team and the backing of a gaming giant, Shiver is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of Nintendo’s game offerings. This move also fuels excitement for the upcoming Switch successor, hinting at the potential for innovative and immersive gaming experiences on the horizon.

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