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NEW STATE MOBILE’s March Update Introduces ‘KA-BOOM’ Mode

KRAFTON, Inc. has released its March Update for NEW STATE MOBILE, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android, that includes the arrival of “KA-BOOM” Mode in NEW STATE Labs. In addition to KA-BOOM Mode, this month’s update brings improvements for “LAGNA” map, new handgun “Sawed-off”, Labs content “Recruit Mode” returns for “Erangel”, and Survivor Pass Vol.17 being revealed.


The new NEW STATE Labs content KA-BOOM is a Round Deathmatch (RDM) available on the ARENA map, where players fight using only a grenade launcher and throwables. Ammunitions other than grenades are not available in this mode. Most of the rules are the same as other RDMs, except that the grenades do not inflict any damage to friendly players.

From the care package in the center of the map, players can get a “Red Zone Launcher,” which create explosions stronger than ordinary grenades. In the KA-BOOM Mode, all terrains, except for the starting point and certain areas, can be destroyed by the explosion. Since plunging down to the destroyed terrain leads to instant death, players will be able to enjoy a new combat experience.

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LAGNA, which was introduced in the February update, has been improved based on the players’ feedback and their play data. Now, a “Mesta,” a classic sports car for two people, will always be generated on the ridge between “Estacion” and “Carta.” Multi-care packages now have higher chances to present items, while the general item spawn rate is also slightly increased. The Blue Zone settings have also been adjusted to give more time for players to get items in the first Blue Zone phase.

The new 12-gauge handgun Sawed-off has explosive single-shot damage and thus can be a good option to deal with an opponent in close range. Players can attach a Choke to Sawed-off to lessen the bullet spread when fired.

The NEW STATE MOBILE Labs content Recruit Mode has returned for Erangel. Recruit times have been lowered for this mode compared to the Battle Royale Mode. Players can grow the squad up to eight players. Once the player successfully recruits a downed opponent, the health and booster levels of both players will be fully recovered. Like other Modes in NEW STATE Lab, the Recruit Mode is not permanent and is only available for 8 hours on every weekend’s Hot Time.

Weapon balances have also changed for some guns, too, based on the play data. The magazine capacity of Extended Mag customization for the submachine gun “Vector” has increased to 50 from 45. The Long Barrel & Enhanced Stock customization for “Micro UZI” gives less vertical can horizontal recoil control. In addition, aiming support for some guns including Vector and Micro UZI has been decreased.

The main character for Survivor Pass Vol. 17 is “Maria Gayle” from the Mayhem faction. Once all of the story missions have been completed, players will get Maria Gayle’s face skin for free. If they upgrade to the Premium Pass, they’ll be able to obtain Maria Gayle’s costume set.

Meanwhile, the “Legacy Pass” has been introduced to NEW STATE MOBILE starting Survivor Pass Vol.17, allowing players to get what was available only from the previous Premium Passes.


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