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NASA’s Webb Telescope Identifies Several of the Ancient Galaxies Ever Seen

As per the sources, it states that the Webb Telescope is still studying the farthest reaches of space, as was hinted at before its launch. In reality, a few galaxies that were born recently—relatively speaking, of course—after the cosmos initially formed are visible in the most recent NASA photos.

NASA’s Webb Spots Ancient Galaxies

According to the photographs that have been made public, Webb is looking at a pair of galaxies that are between 350 and 450 million light-years away, meaning it has taken between 350 and 450 million years for the light to get to the observatory.

NASA's Webb Telescope Identifies Several of the Ancient Galaxies Ever Seen
credits – scientificamerican.com

The organization estimates that the galaxies in issue likely originated about 100 million years after the cosmic occurrence that is supposed to have led to the universe’s formation. According to NASA, these earliest galaxies are smaller and more compact than the Milky Way, with spherical or disk formations rather than large spirals.

NASA added that the first stars may have begun forming in such galaxies around that time, considerably earlier than expected, according to Webb’s latest findings, which show that the galaxies would have had to start clumping together around 100 million years after the big bang.

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NASA's Webb Telescope Identifies Several of the Ancient Galaxies Ever Seen
credits -space.com

About the Latest Pictures

The most recent images were taken as part of a project run by Tommaso Treu at the University of California, Los Angeles. Whatever they see is brand-new, according to Treu. Webb is demonstrating that the universe is incredibly rich and unimaginably vast.

The universe has startled them yet again. In many ways, these early galaxies are strange. It’s only the most recent picture taken by the Webb Space Telescope and published by NASA officials.

Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, has said of the JWST that if we think about it, this is farther than humanity has ever advanced. And they’re just starting to grasp Webb’s potential and intentions. It will investigate solar system objects and the atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting other stars to see whether their atmospheres may be similar to our own.

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NASA's Webb Telescope Identifies Several of the Ancient Galaxies Ever Seen
credits – nasa.gov

According to astronomer Klaus Pontoppidan, Webb project scientist at STScI, the telescope’s sophisticated equipment are showcased in the first photographs and data as well as a preview of the next science mission. They are certain to give astronomers and the general public the long-awaited “wow.”

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