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Most Underrated Anime Series on OTT You Need to Watch

Most Underrated Anime Series on OTT You Need to Watch: Anime lovers are going gaga over Naruto, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball etc. However, if you have watched all the popular ones, let us introduce you to some anime shows that are as amazing in terms of visuals, humor, life lessons and all that make anime a favourite among viewers. These shows will make your acquaintance with the various facets of life, albeit in a light hearted manner, as they are a perfect combination of drama, action, adventure, comedy. 

Most Underrated Anime Series on OTT You Need to Watch

LUPIN the 3rd

This show debuted in 1967 and is amongst the oldest anime. It has historical relevance and also showcases how the earliest anime evolved into the refined shows that we watch nowadays. It is the story of Lupin III, who is a gang leader and grandson of notorious robber Arsene Lupin. How this charmer is able to evade the police as well as criminals who are on his heels, yet have a tongue in cheek humor is what makes this an absolute must watch.

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The show is currently available in original Japanese audio with English subtitles on Animax, brought to India by KC Global Media. This show has had ten theatrical presentations, and about six series on television, with the 5th part of anime now finally available in India.

AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day 

With a very different protagonist, Menma- a ghost, the show streaming on Crunchyroll has enchanted audience of all age groups. It is the story of Menma and her childhood friends who drift apart when Menma passes away after a tragic incident. However,Menma returns as a ghost one summer day and finds that her best friend JintaYadomi has become a recluse.

AnoHana is the tale of how these young children deal with their grief and mature into adults who are still grieving. They realise that dealing with the grief individually is much more difficult, thus they all come together to find a way forward. This sad tale teaches some valuable life lessons that must not be missed. 

Kuroko’s Basketball

There are many sports based anime shows, but this one based on a high school basketball squad tugs at your heart as the team members put their blood and sweat to win the games. The show has Tetsuya Kuroko as the main lead who is at odds with the team members of his ex- team. It is interesting to watch the way every body fights hard to make a place in the national team. It is currently streaming on Animax with original Japanese audio and subtitles. It is also the winner of 2013 Tokyo Anime Award for TV.

Hikaru No Go 

Currently streaming on Netflix, this is a super interesting series based on board games, instead of the popular trading games. It follows the life of Hikaru, a middle school student who enters Go Players as a professional, even as he is being guided by a ghost belonging to the Heian era. While some may think that he is set to win, the series has some enjoyable and intriguing twists. It has been illustrated by Takeshi Obata, who had also done illustrations for Death Note. The show celebrates the competitive spirit of the players. 

Angels of Death

The show is available on Amazon Prime. It is the story of Rachel Gardner who wishes to die and how she finds a unique way to fulfil her wish. She is in a basement of a building, trapped with a murderer. The two must help each other to escape. Rachel makes the murderer promise that he will murder her when they escape. As the duo escape each level, they run across eerily familiar people, but they keep you hooked. Will the two finally escape, and will Rachel finally fulfil her wish? Find out in this unique show. 

Made in Abyss

This series is specifically for young viewers and has a niche fanbase. It is about Abyss, a vast chasm around Orth. It has ancient artefacts with great power and curses hidden inside it. While many go looking for the treasure, they are inflicted by the curse of the Abyss and become sick when they exit it. Lyza is a White Whistle, a person who has been able to traverse the deepest levels and return. Later she decides to go one more time, leaving her young daughter Riko behind.

However she does not return but after a long time she sends a message to her daughter. This part action, part horror anime streaming on Amazon Prime makes for an interesting watch. 

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