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Most trusted SSD storage brand with lightning-fast speed available in Indian market

Solid State Drive (SSD) are the latest solutions to amp up the data storage of a computer. While to a layman it may seem that we need more storage in our computer once we have used up the available one, the SSD has its advantage when compared to traditional mechanical hard disks as it also offers a faster speed increasing the reading rate and the speed of accessing the data. So if you feel your computer or laptop is slowing down then adding an SSD will immediately show a marked difference

Moreover, SSDs are shock proof, can be used in extreme temperatures, thus becoming more reliable than the other storage options available. It reduces the bootup time by half and with the use of flash based memory the read access time is also low. The speed of SSD can be measured in nanoseconds. Using the innovative technology where information is segregated smartly, the SSD can access files that are stored in the grid. As a result the performance of Windows also improves. Suitable for gaming and video editing software, one can see the marked difference in access time.

Most trusted SSD storage brand with lightning-fast speed available in Indian market

Here are some power packed SSDs that can change your experience.


When it comes to electronic appliances and components, this South Korean global giant requires no introduction. SSD is one of their lesser-known devices, although it competes with the finest in its class. The 990 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD 2TB SSD is designed to withstand heavy workloads as well as gaming SSD for an unrivalled gaming experience. The band has a wide range of storage SSDs 512 GB to 4TB and are designed for individuals who require a more powerful computer experience. Samsung SSDs, which include the Samsung SATA interface, provide a superior experience with never-before-seen data access and reading speeds.

WD Ram Most trusted SSD storage brand with lightning-fast speed available in Indian market


WD or Western Digital has emerged as one of the trustworthy brands when it comes to SSDs. They provide capacities ranging from 250 MB to 32 TB, which is unique in this area. They are the creators of hard drives and have demonstrated incredible success when it comes to 3D NAND technology. Their main offering is zoned storage, which operates on a single software architecture and allows data to be intelligently positioned to maximise storage capacity while lowering TCO and enhancing QoS.


Crucial SSDs promise and provide higher performance because they are built on exceptional Micron quality. NVMe SSDs use cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum performance. Crucial P series SSDs offer speed and durability, while SATA SSDs are reasonably priced and ideal for home PC use and having the storage capacity of 500GB to 2TB. Engineered for hardcore gamers, professionals, creatives who demand high-performance computing, works well with PS5 and has Heatsink compatibility. External SSDs are the solution for folks who are constantly on the go and require a compact-high performance storage device that is fast and smooth.


ACER, the Taiwanese multinational brand is a household name when we talk about electronic devices. It is also the leading producer of storage devices and products that provide memory and storage solutions. Tailored for not just professional work but home use as well, ACER SSD cards are the best bet when you need more storage. It has S.M.A.R.T. and GC as well as TRIM features which are specifically designed to support the system, and deliver data integrity with the help of LDPC ECC technology.

There are three varieties of SSDs available with ACER, -2.5-inch SATA, M.2 SATA, and M.2 PCIe NVMe drives. The 2.5” SA100 SATA SSD is apt for home users and can have capacity in the range of 120GB to 1.92TB. On the other hand RE100 is suitable for professional consumers and it is available in 2.5” SATA as well as smaller M.2 form factor. ACER SSDs are offered in India by BIWIN.


INTEL is another well-known brand, with INTEL equipment in almost every home and workplace. It provides SSDs to meet a wide range of requirements and tailors itself to the task at hand. The SSD 660p series is trusted to be one of the fastest SSDs ever having the capacity of 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, and at an affordable price. Customers prefer INTEL products because they are more dependable, have improved latency characteristics, and deliver predictable performance. It is suitable for experts because it focuses on enhancing sequential speeds. Despite the greater price, it is appropriate for large company level customers or professionals.

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