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“Money Heist(Season 5)”: Netflix has confirmed the release date and the Expectation

Money Heist team has been finished shooting the film of its fifth and final season, and it has now confirmed that this series will hit on Netflix in two parts in September and in December 2021. If you search for a most-watched non-English title on Netflix, you find the name of Money Heist still holds the title of this genre.

On Netflix, Money Heist has acquired the record of the most-watched non-English title. We have seen that this heist series has crossed all of the previous records of it for the fourth season. The fourth season of Money Heist got an incredible 65 million views from the viewers.

mo2 “Money Heist(Season 5)”: Netflix has confirmed the release date and the Expectation

You should check out the accompanying documentary which was released on 3rd April 2020, it is called Money Heist: The Phenomenon before entry to the last season. It contains the huge rise of the series with guests like Ted Sarandos with much of the cast and also the creators.

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The last season of Money Heist has consisted of eight episodes.

Money Heist(Season 5): Release Date

After getting multiple rumors of the September 2021 release of Money Heist it was finally announced on 24th May but it will be break into two halves again.

Money Heist(Season 5: Volume 1)- 3rd September 2021

Money Heist(Season 5: Volume 2)-3rd December 2021

We will see a one-month gap between the releases of the two parts of this series.

Money Heist(Season 5): Renewal Status

The announcement of the final and the last season has taken a lot of time, but at last, Netflix has officially confirmed that season 5 of Money Heist will come in August 2020. There is also sad news with it that the heist comes to an end. It indicates that season 5 will be the last and final instalment of the heist series.

In a statement on Netflix, Alexa Pina declared that they had spent almost a year thinking about how to tell about the band, how they would keep the professor on the ropes, how to handle situations that are irreversible for many characters. All the result of this thinking is the fifth part of La Casa de Papel. They said that the war had reached t the most ultimate and savage levels, but it is also the fascinating season.

Before the official renewal in August 2020, all the team of Alex Pina and his entire team of writers and directors have repeatedly declared that they have a plan for the fifth season. One of the Money Heist directors, Alex Rodrigo, has told about their hope to achieve from the last and final season. He has stated that just close the series in style like the dream and imagination of the fans.

Money Heist Season 5 Trailer Reveals September Release Date - Geeky Craze

Money Heist(Season 5): Reason Behind the final Season

Many fans are already started to asking about the reason why it is the final season. It is assuming that there will be several reasons, but Alex Pina exposed one of the biggest reasons in current interviews of Sky Rojo.

The Spanish newspaper Marca depicts that the show stars will increase the demand, partially the reason to keep going the show. It is also known about some previous shows that mainly for the big casts, it is challenging to bind the starts for the show.

alex pina netflix deal july 2018 “Money Heist(Season 5)”: Netflix has confirmed the release date and the Expectation

On a record Pina is saying they have many opportunities for spin-offs. It is for the strong identities of the characters. They have always looking for complex characters, so he thinks that almost every character has a side that they would like to watch in a spin-off.

money heist season 5 production photo instagram

Their point of view is once this heist is over, it would become increasingly difficult to justify having more heist, and that would risk the series jumping in the shark.

Money Heist(Season 5): Production Status

It has been heard that in the early of 2020, Alex Pina has confirmed that he is still writing their fifth and final season with a colourful image of the showrunner in the back of the garden office. Pina has also tagged with his picture in the office by writing La Casa de Papel 5.

alex pina season 5 money heist writing

At the end of July 2020, they gave thanks to Vancouver Media by posting the pictures through Instagram that start the production preparation.

In July 2020, Pedro Alonso, who is playing the role of Berlin, also has posted by suggesting he will be coming back for season 5 of Money Heist; he states that he just had his hair cut, tried on clothes. All of them wore masks. At times that seemed like the Pentagon to it might be the Spielberg about the meetings of who knows the phase. The main fact is very soon he would be him again.

Ursela Cobero also posted in the middle of august on her Instagram story about her first day back on set.

ursula tokio is back

In the middle of September, the professor Also has posted a picture with one of his costumes which is carrying an absurd amount of blood on it.

blood on professors costume netflix money heist s5

We have no new photos of November 2020. Some rumors have heard that the production had set to continue into the New Year. The final season of the series has filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portugal, and Spain along with Madrid.

The shooting is still ongoing until December 2020 with Najwa Nimri who has posted some pictures and videos of the set. In January 2021 while it was assuming that the filming is wrapped up in Madrid but it is not true the actual filming of the series had not to wrap until May 2021.

Money Heist' season 5: Behind-the-scenes shots we're obsessed with – Film  Daily

Money Heist(Season 5): All the Episodes

Formula TV has confirmed that season 5 will be contained with two episodes that are longer than the previous seasons. It will have 10 episodes to end up the series. Netflix Media Center has confirmed that.

new cast members for money heist season 5

Money Heist(Season 5): Cast

In August 2020, the series had made an official announcement about the two new cast members to be a feature with. The first one is Sense8 alum Miguel Angel Silvestre claimed to be a part of season 5. He wrote on his Instagram, “Mamaaaa! How lucky I am? Maximo of joy!”.

It is expected that we will see him as a new villain in the final season.

The second cast member is Patrick Criado. He is well known for his roles in The Aspirant, Plastic Sea, and The King.

In September 2020, Formula TV cast courtesy had been joined by another cast member Jose Manuel Seda. He is renowned as a writer, director, and actor for his work on Yo soy Bea and director of the 2005 short, Transito.

Jose Manuel Seda also tweeted about his happiness after receiving the gift on his birthday as his participation in the final season of @LaCasaDePapelTV one of the series that when anyone would see it definitely dream being in it. He gave thanks to @VancouverMed and @NetflixES.

jose manuel seda

Money Heist(Season 5): Returning of Nairobi

In season 5 Nairobi will meet with her demise but the character is enlisted to appear in season 5 episode 1. It indicates that after her death we will be seen more about her whether via flashbacks or it is repeated.

In this season we may see Ollas Hernandez as Amanda, Fernando Cayo as Coronel Tamayo, Luka Peros as Marsella, and Belen Cuesta as Manila.

Money Heist season 5 'confirmed' | Dhaka Tribune

Money Heist(Season 5): Expectations

We have seen in season 4 that the heist is very much is based on Lisbon now participating to the rest of the gang in the riverside of Spain. After that, the gang is facing one of the biggest challenges is that The Professor becomes the one who has been caught red-handed. He has a gun with him and that the series come with a new rendition of Bella Caio.

what to expect money heist part 5 “Money Heist(Season 5)”: Netflix has confirmed the release date and the Expectation

It is expected that Alicia has plenty of theories about who has now gone rogue. Some on Reddit believe that her pregnancy is fake, and some others believe that she is the ex-wife of Belin, who had been introduced I the fourth season.

Now the gang has to work on the final stages of the Heist and start their escape as we know that all the gang is continuing their work of melting the gold and convert them into small balls for escape. The most important question is if the team is managing to escape, then where their freedom will manage to keep and ill, they live a normal life just like before or not, as all their identities are exposed.

Money Heist': Netflix Releases First-Look Pictures From Season 5 – Deadline

At first, Berlin will return with a lot of posts from the actor, and Vancouver Media has teased to return. From season two, most of his appearances in the series have been flashbacks which claim to continue going into the final season.

In an interview, Alex Pina said that season 5 would effectively be a war of the gang would now be pushed into irreversible situations, into the war. He said that this part is the most epic part that they had shot.

Money Heist Season 5 First Look Photos Tease the End of the Spanish Hit  Series | Entertainment News

They have taken a year to think about destroying the band and the better way to put the professor on the ropes. They have also planned the way that they should get into the situations irreversible for many characters. All of their thinking express as a result of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel.

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