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Mohun Bagan Renames their YBK Stands as 1889 & 1911: Know the meaning behind the names!

In a heartfelt tribute to its storied history, Mohun Bagan Super Giant (MBSG) has made a momentous decision that’s set to resonate with fans far and wide. The iconic B2 and C2 stands at the Yuva Bharati Krirangan, fondly known as YBK, have been christened as the “1889 Stand” and the “1911 Stand” respectively. This symbolic gesture pays homage to pivotal years in the club’s illustrious journey, and it’s bound to stir the souls of Mariners fans.

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Let’s have a look into the details of this heartwarming homage: Mohun Bagan Renames Stands 1889 & 1911 at YBK

The official inauguration of the 1889 and 1911 stands is scheduled for September 23rd, a date etched with significance for the Mariners. On this day, ardent Mariners supporters will fill these stands with unwavering passion as they cheer for their beloved club.

In an inclusive move, MBSG has priced tickets for home games at three different rates: Rs. 50, Rs. 100, and Rs. 150. Fans can conveniently book their tickets through the official ticket partner’s website, BookMyShow.

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Decoding the Years: 1889 & 1911

These two years hold profound significance in the rich tapestry of Mohun Bagan’s history. Mohun Bagan, often considered the oldest club in Asia, was founded on August 15, 1889, initially known as Mohun Bagan Sporting Club. Bhupendra Nath Basu assumed the role of the club’s first president. But it was July 29, 1911, a date now celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day, that etched an indelible mark in history. On this day, Mohun Bagan accomplished the extraordinary feat of defeating the British team, the East Yorkshire Regiment, in the finals of the IFA Shield. This momentous victory, achieved against all odds, not only marked a sporting triumph but also became a symbol of resistance against British colonialism. Mohun Bagan’s players played barefoot, showcasing their grit and determination.

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The decision to rename these stands as the 1889 and 1911 stands is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Mohun Bagan. It’s a reminder of the club’s rich heritage and its role in India’s fight for freedom. These stands will forever echo the spirit and history of the Mariners, inspiring generations to come.

In renaming the B2 and C2 stands as the 1889 and 1911 stands, Mohun Bagan Super Giant has not just paid homage to its history; it has immortalized the essence of the club. These stands will stand as silent sentinels, narrating the incredible journey of Mohun Bagan to all who enter YBK. As the Mariners continue to script new chapters in their storied legacy, these stands will remain as a testament to the indomitable spirit of this iconic football club.

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