Friday, March 24, 2023
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Microsoft to include OpenAI’s GPT Technology!

According to reports, OpenAI’s linguistic Artificial Intelligence technology has been tested with Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word software. Microsoft has been striving to better integrate OpenAI’s text-generating GPT algorithm into PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word. It is already integrated into Word’s autocomplete tool.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s New Technology!

The Company has reportedly been upgrading Outlook search results with the help of OpenAI’s GPT technology to make it possible for users to find what they’re looking for without using keywords in emails.

4 16 Microsoft to include OpenAI's GPT Technology!

The company also may have looked into how these AI algorithms could suggest document alterations or email replies to aid Word users in writing more effectively. Microsoft’s plans for these features are unknown; it’s possible that they are merely being tested at this time.

If the company moves even more in the direction of adding capabilities from ChatGPT, the interactive AI that made headlines last year, Outlook may be able to construct complete emails from simple questions. Consider a scenario in which Outlook merely informs your co-workers about your illness in response to your request to send an email to the team stating you’re ill.” The company is also releasing a version of Bing that features ChatGPT to react to user queries. This new function might be available as early as March, which will help Bing battle with Google.

2 24 Microsoft to include OpenAI's GPT Technology!

It will be challenging to integrate highly complicated AI text-generation functions into Microsoft’s productivity software. Precision is among the most crucial. ChatGPT still has a tendency to present misleading information as fact, making any type of document creation or complex integration difficult.

Privacy is yet another serious issue. The company will have to modify its models to prevent the vulnerability of user data. The data claims that Microsoft has been creating privacy-preserving models utilising the GPT-3 and GPT-4 standards, which have not yet been made available to the general public. Microsoft researchers trained big language models with just some preliminary success with sensitive data.

3 21 Microsoft to include OpenAI's GPT Technology!

In 2020, Microsoft obtained exclusive access to the GPT-3’s technology following financing of $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019. Since then, it has grown close to OpenAI, and it hopes to incorporate a DALL-E 2-powered AI text-to-image model within Bing. Microsoft’s Surface team has been keen to create new gear that takes full advantage of this opportunity, like the recently released Surface smart camera.

If Microsoft implemented GPT-powered editions of PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word, the OpenAI-developed GPT models would join the consumer market fast. Bing is prepared to soon join PowerApps with its own AI-powered search results. If Bing and Office integrated OpenAI’s language models, it would put a lot of pressure on Google, which dominates search and has made progress with its Workspace services for companies.


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