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MHRD along with Fit India is set to launch a series of films to promote indigenous sports of India

The ‘Department of School Education and Literacy’ under Human Resource Development (MHRD) has joined hands with sports ministry’s flagship programme ‘Fit India’ under the ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’ initiative.

MHRD and Fit India have collaborated to launch a series of films to promote 10 indigenous sports of India.

The indigenous sports of India cover a mix of very old sports, for example, Kalaripayattu, and some as recent as Roll Ball which has gained a lot of popularity and is now played in at least 50 countries.

The 10 sports which will be covered in this series are:

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  1. Kho-kho
  2. Gatka
  3. Kalaripayttu
  4. Mallakhamb
  5. Thang-Ta
  6. Sqay
  7. Kabaddi
  8. Roll Ball
  9. Tug of War
  10. Shooting Ball

The series aims to create awareness not only about the indigenous games but also the culture and heritage of the states to which they belong. The 10 episodes can be watched from 8th June to 19th June at 11 am on the Fit India YouTube page and MHRD digital platforms.

Union Minister of Youth and Sports, Kiren Rijiju said about this unique initiative: “Indigenous Games are a focus area for the Sports Ministry. There are scholarships for athletes of these games and there is a growing interest among youngsters to pursue these sports.”

“However, there is a need to mass base these sports, just like other sporting disciplines. This initiative, in association with MHRD, is an attempt to reach out to young Indians and showcase the rich heritage of our indigenous games.”

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