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Luxury Gadgets on the Market Right Now

While you may not exactly be fishing out some of the most luxurious tech on the market today, it never hurts to browse and dream of what could be possible. Technology, gadgets and motors can sometimes have a hefty price tag, that we know. However, say you recently just came into some money or are overdue a gift to yourself, the items listed down below would be a perfect way to treat yourself. Keep on reading and you will see exactly what we mean.

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Yacht X70

Okay, so jumping directly into the deep end, we have this luxurious yacht, which is the exact kind of extension from living on land to see, you would be looking for. The designers, Prestige, pulled off a magical creation, which is 70-foot long, and has seamless amounts of space, as the deck is very minimal, yet kitted out in the most efficient way possible. The design of the interiors is finished off beautifully, giving you four separate areas that integrate very harmoniously with one another. Maybe you are due a trip to the harbours of Como, Italy? Or even better, you fancy a cruise through Monaco? This Yacht certainly has you covered.

Lecia M10-R

The next item that you definitely need is a camera gadget. One can confess that not everyone is super talented when it comes to applying the principles of photography, but if you happen to be on top of your photography game, this M10-R will certainly have you drooling. It has a glossy black vintage finish too, so you suddenly feel like you are back in the 80s/90s. Not bad at all for anyone into their tech gadgets and is overdue a little splurge!

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BMW Motorrad 2022 RnineT

BMW is a legendary car brand from Germany. You don’t even need to mention much about the brand for introductory purposes-that is how great the reputation of this brand is! However, this latest model of the Motorrad is perfect for city bikers who really want to explore what a city has to offer in terms of adventure and sites. The specification of this model comes with a 1170cc engine that has a shaft drive in addition to retro styling. Best thing yet about this model, is the metallic editions that are available for purchase, should plain black not do anything for you. 

You will most definitely be turning heads as you cruise through the city streets, no doubt.  Luxurious motors are there for one thing, to love the journey you are embarking on, but also looking the part for the journey too. BMW has always provided motor fanatics with delightful motors, and this motor bike will certainly go down in the great halls of fame for BMW.


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Rahul Roy
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