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LG’s Ergo Dual is made for Multitaskers and we are already loving it

In October of last year, LG released the LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D) with the Ergo Single (model 32QP880). The business announced on Friday that the twin 27-inch LG QHD Ergo Dual monitors are ready for delivery in the North American market. It has also made available the complete product pages, including specifications and pricing.

If you missed the LG Ergo Dual’s debut announcement, you can quickly catch up with the product by watching the product introduction video LG provided shortly before the holidays. It’s such a flexible and adaptable monitor that a few photos and a movie can vividly describe its potential flexes and contortions, saving a thousand words.

In summary, a user can personalize their 27QP88D arrangement in four basic orientations. Additional adjustments can be made to the side-by-side, center-portrait, pivot, and stacked modes. Furthermore, the screens can flex in different ways, like the pages of a book, and the typical adjustments supplied by the accompanying ergonomic stand (height, tilt, etc.).

If you’ve truly enjoyed the LG Ergo Dual’s versatility and potential, it’s time to move on to the technical specifications. First and foremost, if the display panels are of poor quality, the entire effort is pointless. Without a hands-on review, we can’t adequately comment on this, but LG has provided some precise specifications, including color, brightness, contrast, and other metrics. These specifications are a great place to start when making a decision, and you can see if any of them aren’t quite up to par.

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LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D) flexes and contorts in a variety of ways, and the monitor maker also suggests some useful, practical applications for such a dual display. Quick adjustments to share a screen and the ability to rapidly alter each display for working, sitting, or standing look to be particularly compelling examples.

Another new LG monitor design, the 16:18 LG DualUp Monitor, was featured at CES 2022. We don’t yet know how much the DualUp will cost or when it will be available.

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