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Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation’s Flag at Asian Games 2022

The Esports industry (League of Legends stars) in India has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, propelling the country onto the global stage. Despite the absence of an official League of Legends server in India, a team of talented Indian athletes has qualified for the prestigious 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, showcasing their determination and passion.

With their impressive performances in national championships and regional seeding events, this star-studded Indian team aims to make history as Esports debuts as a medal sport in the Asian Games 2022.

From left to right Sanindhya Malik Aakash Shandilya and Akshaj Shenoy in action at the seeding event for Asian Games 2022 Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022
League of Legends stars

League of Legends stars: Meet Akshay Shenoy, the Strategic Mastermind

Akshaj Shenoy, known as ‘Kai’ in-game, serves as the team captain for the Indian League of Legends team. With exceptional gameplay skills and a strategic mindset, this 21-year-old from Bangalore has been instrumental in the team’s success. Ranked 1st in South Asia, Shenoy defies stereotypes by excelling academically, scoring 95% in his 12th board exams while pursuing a career as a professional gamer. He envisions building a community of Indian players on the new SEA server and aims to prove India’s capabilities on the global stage.

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Akshaj Shenoy aka Kai Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

Aditya Selvaraj, the Tactical Brilliance

Aditya Selvaraj, also known as ‘Krow,’ has transformed his hobby into a relentless pursuit of passion. As a flexible player and tactical genius, Selvaraj has secured victories in several high-profile tournaments, showcasing his versatility in both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Beyond his accolades, he believes that Esports has taught him valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and discipline. Representing India at the Asian Games is a golden opportunity for Selvaraj to clinch a medal and inspire aspiring gamers.

Aditya Selvaraj aka Krow 1 Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

Aakash Shandilya, the Rising Star

Aakash Shandilya, known as ‘Infi,’ is a League of Legends star who has already made a name for himself at just 21 years old. As a jungle player, Shandilya has consistently achieved glory in Indian tournaments and demonstrated his versatility in the PC title Valorant as well. His successes in both games have expanded his horizons and instilled self-belief, not only in Esports but also in life. With a Grandmaster rank and an Asian ranking of 87, Shandilya aims to make his country and family proud at the Asian Games.

Aakash Shandilya aka Infi Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

Mihir Ranjan, the Multifaceted Talent

Mihir Ranjan, also known as ‘Lotus,’ has become a renowned name in the Indian League of Legends community. As the only South Asian player in the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) role to reach Grandmaster, Ranjan’s achievements speak volumes about his dedication and conquering spirit. Beyond League of Legends stars, he has excelled in other titles such as Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Rainbow Six Siege. Ranjan’s multifaceted talents and exceptional rankings make him a key player in India’s quest for Esports glory.

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Mihir Ranjan aka Lotus Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

Sanindhya Malik, the Top Lane Dominator

Sanindhya Malik, known as ‘Deadcorp,’ has established himself as the highest-ranked South Asian player in League of Legends. With victories in prestigious competitions such as the AMD Skyesports PRO League and the Asus ROG LoL Showdown, Malik’s talent and dedication are undeniable. He believes that finding happiness and balance outside of the game is crucial to bringing a refreshed mindset and positive energy to his gameplay. Malik and his teammates aspire to inspire the next generation of Indian gamers with their performance at the Asian Games.

Sanindhya Malik aka Deadcorp Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

Samarth Trivedi, the Supportive Backbone

At the age of 31, Samarth Trivedi, also known as ‘CrankO,’ continues to pursue his dreams and passion for League of Legends. As a support player, Trivedi selflessly devotes himself to his team’s success, both in and out of the game. His long list of achievements, including multiple first-place finishes and notable rankings, highlights his impact on the Indian Esports scene. Trivedi’s perseverance, tactical brilliance, and leadership qualities make him an inspiration to aspiring players.

Samarth Trivdei aka CrankO Indian League of Legends Stars Carrying the Nation's Flag at Asian Games 2022

India’s League of Legends stars are set to carry the nation’s flag at the Asian Games 2022, marking the debut of Esports as a medal sport. With their exceptional skills, strategic brilliance, and unwavering dedication, these athletes are poised to make history and etch their names in Indian Esports lore.

As they compete against nations with well-established Esports ecosystems, they aim to prove India’s capabilities and inspire aspiring gamers to reach for the stars. The Asian Games 2022 will be a defining moment for Indian Esports (League of Legends stars), and the future looks promising for this talented group of individuals.


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