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Lakadbaggha: Anshuman Jha will Become the Protector of the Street Dogs

Angshuman Jha’s new adaptation ‘Lakadbaggha‘ follows a story of a vigilante and a dog lover who takes one hand and hurt the animals. If you are also an animal lover, then it will definitely touch you. The film is revolving around a vigilante Lakadbaggha, at this time the hero has put not to protect the humans but the animals.  We may know Anshuman Jha for his role, in Love Sex Aur Dhokha, and recently seen in Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele, he features in the lead role of a martial arts trainer for kids in daytime, and in the night he becomes an animal vigilante. He appeared in many hands-to-hand action scenes in this fantastic trailer. 


The new trailer has introduced us to Arjun, who battles for those who are unable to express their feelings, that is the animals, mainly the street dogs. The cop refuses to make believe that one man can take these responsibilities alone, but he is determined and continues to break the bones of those troubled animals. In this trailer, we have seen a real hyena appear as Anshuman’s Arjun going to catch up with an illegal animal trade kingpin, that has been featured in Paresh Pahuja. 

The new trailer depicts Anshuman’s high-octane battle scenes along with Eksha Keung, a police officer, and a   professional boxer from Sikkim. Rishi Dogra has seen in this battle scene with Anshuman and went on a date with him. As a martial artist, we will see Milind Soman appear in the trailer of the movie. In the trailer, there is a dialogue, “ Kuttey tabhi bhaunkte hain jab Lakadbanga aaspas nhi hota” this film really touches the heart of the animal lover. 

l1 Lakadbaggha: Anshuman Jha will Become the Protector of the Street Dogs

Lakadbaggha: Cast 

The film has been directed by Victor Mukherjee.  For this film, Anshuman has been trained by Tsahi Shemesh in New Tork. In this film, we will see the France photographer Jean-Marc Selva and Belgian composer Simon Fransquet with the action of the Ong-Bak team of Ketcha Khanphakde. Anshuman states about his role, “ Arjun Bakshi is a dog’s best friend. And I am grateful to have had the opportunity to train in Krav-Medha and bring his ordinary yet extraordinary character to life.  Being ordinary is a superpower.” 

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Lakadbaggha: Release Date

The film made has confirmed that film will hit on 13th January 2023. We are assuming that the film will clash with Arjun Kapoor and tabu’s upcoming multi-starrer ‘Kuttey’ 

Here is the trailer: 

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