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KRAFTON Unleashes a New Tower Defense Experience with the Launch of Defense Derby

KRAFTON, Inc., a renowned global gaming company, has unveiled its latest mobile gaming sensation, Defense Derby, in India and over 190 countries worldwide. Developed by RisingWings, an independent studio under KRAFTON, Defense Derby redefines the tower defense genre by combining high-stakes strategy and thrilling PvP battles. This real-time strategy mobile game introduces players to a unique gaming adventure where they engage in fierce competitions, strategic challenges, and dynamic synergy effects. With its official release, Defense Derby is set to captivate players with its innovative gameplay and engaging features.

KRAFTON, Inc. is a leading global gaming company committed to discovering and publishing games that deliver a uniquely fun experience. Defense Derby, developed by RisingWings, is a real-time strategy mobile game that rejuvenates the tower defense genre by combining high-stakes strategy and thrilling PvP battles. For more information and to download Defense Derby, visit https://defensederby.krafton.com. For more about KRAFTON, Inc., and its portfolio of premier entertainment properties, visit www.krafton.com. For information about RisingWings and their popular mobile games, visit https://en.risingwings.com.

Revolutionizing Tower Defense Gaming:

Defense Derby takes tower defense gaming to new heights by introducing exhilarating 4-player PvP battles. Players engage in intense psychological warfare as they compete against each other in real-time. The game incorporates a novel “scouting stage” where players bid to secure units and form their ultimate teams, adding an element of strategy and excitement to the gameplay. Players must expertly arrange their units within their fortress to withstand continuous monster attacks and emerge as the last player standing.

Diverse Game Modes:

Defense Derby offers a range of game modes to keep players entertained. In the core Derby Mode, players engage in thrilling PvP battles against each other. The Blitz Mode presents challenging PvE scenarios, while the Valley of Trials puts players’ strategic prowess to the test with a restricted unit selection. With Friendly Derby, players can enjoy combat with their friends in personalized rooms. The Themed Mode introduces periodic rule shifts for a limited time, making the gameplay even more exciting. Anticipated updates will include the Ban Pick Mode, allowing players to block specific opponent units, and Quest Mode, where completing specific quests determines the winner.

Exciting In-Game Events:

To celebrate the official release of Defense Derby, KRAFTON and RisingWings have organized exciting in-game events. Players receive a ‘Welcome Package’ containing generous bonuses, such as 20,000 Gold, a Rare Hero card, a Rare Unit card, and a Special Castle Skin. Furthermore, players can earn various rewards, including Legendary Unit cards, Rare Unit cards, Cubics, and Gold, by participating in in-game events like the Login Event, Lucky Draw, and Event Store. Additional events and updates will be shared on Defense Derby’s official social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and Discord.

KRAFTON’s Commitment to India:

Defense Derby marks KRAFTON’s fourth game launch in India, solidifying its commitment to the country’s gaming community. The company, along with RisingWings, has crafted an engaging and unique gaming experience that stands out in the tower defense genre. As KRAFTON continues to expand its strategy and casual game portfolio in India, it plans to independently develop more games for the Indian community while collaborating with talented studios to bring exceptional gaming experiences to Indian fans.

With the launch of Defense Derby, KRAFTON and RisingWings have introduced an innovative and exciting tower defense mobile game to players worldwide. The game’s strategic depth, thrilling PvP battles, and dynamic gameplay make it a standout addition to the tower defense genre. As players dive into the “scouting stage” and face off against each other in real-time battles, Defense Derby promises endless hours of immersive entertainment. With regular updates and a passionate dedication to player feedback, Defense Derby is set to become a top choice for mobile gamers seeking a captivating and rewarding gaming experience.

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