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Jung_E: Netflix Sci-Fi Korean Thriller Will hit earlier in 2023

Netflix has dropped the brand-new dystopian sci-thriller titled ‘Jung_E

‘ which will hit in January 2023. Jung_E is mainly an upcoming Korean Netflix Original dystopian sci-fi thriller that has been adapted by Train to Busan‘s Yeon Sang Ho. After becoming the writer of the Hellbound manga, Jung_E  finally confirmed the first Netflix project for Sang Ho. 


Jung_E: Plot 

The story a sci-fi thriller has been set in the 22nd century shows the terrible consequences of climate change that will make the planet become uninhabitable. The humans will live in a man-made shelter. A battle will take place within the shelter. Jung Yi is going to lead the allied forces and becomes the main subject of the cloning experiment brain. The cloning experiment is the only key to conquering the battle. 


The shooting for Jung_E was started on 31st October 2021 and continued for a few months before eventually concluding on 28th January 2022. 

Jung_E: Cast 

In this film, we will see the Award-winning and pioneering actress Kang Soo Yoon in the lead role of Seo Hyun. Unfortunately, Jung_E  is the last and final on-screen appearance of the actress as she tragically passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 55, on  7th May 2022 

Kim Hyun Joo appears in the lead role of Jung Yi. Hyun Joo was seen on Netflix in 2021 in the Dark Fantasy series Hellbound. Ryu Kyung Soo featured in Hellbound, in the supporting role of Yoo Ji .  The last time he was seen in the lead role in a Netflix series was in 2020 in Lovestruck in the City. The actor will also feature in the brand-new k-drama Glitch. Kyung Soo also starred in a supporting role in Itaewon Class and a guest role in The Sound of Magic. 

ju2 Jung_E: Netflix Sci-Fi Korean Thriller Will hit earlier in 2023

Jung_E:  Release Date 

At first, Netflix had listed Jung_E as a part of its 2022 film slate. However, the schedule got changed, and Jung_E was delayed to 2023.  The show has recently confirmed that Jung_E  might be released in January 2023, without any official date. However, credit goes to the official teaser trailer for clearing the fog of Jung_E will hit on Netflix on Friday, 20th January 2023. 

It is notable that the sequel series called “The Gray” that’s reportedly under development and set to feature Goo Kyo Hwan. 

Here is the trailer: 

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