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Aston Villa Star Jota’s Remarkable Journey from Football Flop to AgTech Billionaire

Jose Ignacio Peleteiro Ramallo, fondly known as Jota, transitioned from being a perceived flop at Aston Villa to the forefront of the agricultural technology sector. Retiring at the age of 30, Jota’s career change has proven to be nothing short of remarkable, as he now stands on the brink of billionaire status.

Jota’s Football Years

Jota’s football journey included stints at clubs like Brentford, Birmingham City, and Aston Villa. His time at Villa Park was marred by disappointment, with just ten appearances during 2019 and 2020. Despite facing adversity, the midfielder decided to retire in 2022, citing a loss of motivation for the beautiful game.

Groinn’s Innovative Approach

Leaving behind his football days, Jota made a surprising move into agriculture and technology. Now, he’s a key player in Groinn, a company rocking the ag-tech scene. It’s not just any venture; it’s set to be worth a whopping £600 million by 2025. Quite the unexpected success story!

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Speaking to The Athletic, Jota revealed the driving force behind his career transition: “Football should make personalities stand out. I was doing what the manager said, but I didn’t enjoy it. It was a difficult decision because I was saying no to so much money, but I had loved football so much it was never about the money. I lost my motivation, but I had another big project on my mind.”

Groinn, under Jota’s leadership, has emerged as a revolutionary force in agriculture. The company, with 80 employees, is poised to enter a partnership with the Spanish government to provide digital agricultural aid. Their flagship product is a plantation system that employs sensors to monitor crop conditions and field status. Accessible on any device, Groinn offers real-time insights on when to water plants, nutrient requirements, and fire prevention measures.

Jota’s entry into the agricultural technology sector was marked by significant risk-taking. Having invested millions in Groinn just two years ago, he faced moments of uncertainty during the development phase. However, his gamble paid off, as the company’s value skyrocketed, now worth ten times more than his initial investment.

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“We have had ups and downs because we are investing so much money into something new that you don’t know will work,” Jota admitted. “I feel extremely proud because I know a lot of people were saying to me, ‘This is crazy’. Now, these people are saying, ‘Oh my word, this is making huge money.'”

Agricultural Technology’s Market Impact

Groinn’s innovative approach to agricultural technology has disrupted the market. While similar machines previously cost around £25,700, Groinn can be manufactured and purchased for as little as £175. Positioned as the “iPhone of agriculture,” Jota emphasizes the company’s ability to consolidate various technologies into one efficient system.

With Groinn officially entering the market in September of the previous year, the company aims to have at least 150,000 users in its first year alone. Jota’s ambitious plans include opening another branch outside of his homeland and exploring new markets in Portugal, northern Europe, and North America.

Future Projections

The Spanish government’s interest in Groinn’s technology further underscores its potential impact. Plans to invest in the technology and provide it to the country’s farmers align with Groinn’s mission. The company’s projections suggest a remarkable rise, with an annual worth of over £600 million in year two and a staggering £3 billion in year three.

Jota’s foresight and willingness to take risks have positioned him on the verge of becoming a billionaire. With over a quarter of Groinn’s projected valuation set to go to shareholders, including Jota, the financial forecasts for years two and three indicate a significant expansion into large territories, including Asia.


  1. Who is Jota?

    Jota, also known as Jose Ignacio Peleteiro Ramallo, is a former football player who had stints with clubs like Brentford, Birmingham City, and Aston Villa.

  2. What is Groinn?

    Groinn is an agricultural technology company that Jota became a part of after retiring from football. The company specializes in a plantation system that utilizes sensors to monitor crop conditions and field status.

  3. How much did Jota invest in Groinn?

    Jota invested millions in Groinn two years ago, taking a significant risk in the development of agricultural technology. Despite the nervous times during the process, the investment has paid off, with the company’s value now ten times more than the initial investment.

  4. Why did Jota retire from football?

    Jota retired from football at the age of 30, citing a loss of motivation for the game. He expressed that his decision was not influenced by financial considerations but was driven by a desire to pursue a significant project outside of football.

  5. What does Groinn’s technology offer?

    Groinn’s technology provides real-time insights for agriculture, instructing farmers on when to water plants, the nutrients needed, and how to prevent fires. It operates through sensors and can be accessed on any device.

  6. How successful is Groinn?

    Groinn has defied expectations and is on track to be valued at over £600 million by 2025. Jota’s investment and involvement in the company have proven to be a successful venture, with plans for significant global expansion.

  7. Why did Jota choose agriculture and technology after football?

    Jota lost motivation for football but had a big project in mind. He became involved with Groinn, a start-up under a different name that required funding. Jota’s interest in taking risks and his belief in the technology’s potential have led to the company’s success.


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