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Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

Samsung is looking to lure in a lot of customers in India to its ecosystem by providing the older yet very capable Galaxy Watch4 for Rs.10k. This might have already tempted a lot of people out there who had been limited by the overpriced Apple Watch or say the Galaxy Watch’s original pricing. Now, personally I bought it for myself, but was it worth buying? Let’s find out:

Why Samsung Galaxy Watch4?

The smartwatch market in India has exploded in recent times and has paved way for a number of players. From entry-level to budget, there are thousands of models to choose from which is again making people confused about which one to choose from.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

Unfortunately, even a lot of the Indian brands have been copy-pasting Chinese smartwatches as their own and selling them at really cheap prices. Now, don’t get me wrong but now guaranteeing their reliability is really hard, to be honest, even we as reviewers have got a few of them as expensive as Rs.4k and have stopped working within 6 months of use.

A lot of these brands don’t even actually have a physical service centre to even get it repaired and it becomes more of a use & a throw kind of product. Now, why am I wasting my time telling you all this? Well, as we already have faced these kinds of issues, buying a smartwatch from a brand which is not reliable or doesn’t provide you with good service could give you a nightmare.

When I was looking to buy one for myself I was actually been wanting to go for an Apple Watch, however, its higher upfront cost and service cost didn’t give me enough confidence. In terms of premium smartwatches, there are only a few options and among all of them two of the brands stand out – Amazfit and Samsung.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

Previously, I did use a less expensive Amazfit watch which to be fair was good for the price but didn’t have that premium appeal to it. Now, the expensive Amazfit watches are really enticing to choose from, however, its OS is not advanced or polished when compared to Samsung. Also, Amazfit has only 6 physical service centres in India while Samsung has a highly reliable service in comparison.

As I didn’t want to spend a lot, I went for this Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (44mm, Bluetooth) which has been discounted to Rs.10k in the recent festive sales. With bank offers some even got it for as low as Rs.9k but I got the Silver variant for around Rs.10.5k which is again not bad in my opinion.

For the price, it’s obviously one of the most good-looking, polished and advanced Android smartwatches you can get. Also, now with WearOS integrated into OneUI Watch 4.5 makes this one of the best and being discounted, the value propositions gets even better.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

What makes this Galaxy Watch4 worth the price?

While I am far from making a detailed review of this Galaxy Watch4, however, here I will tell you why its worth spending for and also what you should keep in mind. Here are the best things about this smartwatch:


Samsung has made this Galaxy Watch4 look such classy and elegant that from the first look of it you will understand that this is a premium smartwatch. Its super light to wear, weighing only 30 grams, so wearing it all day is very comfortable and you don’t feel like you are wearing it literally.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

Being a premium smartwatch, the customization options are really abundant and you can choose official Samsung straps or cheaper after market options as well.


Samsung has become a champion when it comes to AMOLED displays and that is no brainer in this Galaxy Watch4 which bears a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 450 x 450 resolution. It goes very dim when needed and is very bright outdoors as well, looks just gorgeous on your wrist and I also prefer this round dial than the Apple Watch’s square design.

watch2new scaled e1665257096449 Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?


This Samsung Galaxy Watch4 bears a dual-core 1.18GHz Exynos processor paired with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB ROM which is quite good to provide you a smooth experience. You will be surprised to know that even this year’s Galaxy Watch5 uses the same processor, essentially this one’s performance is more than enough for an average user. Currently using it with a lot of apps installed into this Galaxy Watch4, the experience was fluid.

OS & Software

As we all know Samsung has been making OS for its phones and a wide range of devices for a long time now but its only last year they have perfected it. With this Galaxy Watch4, Samsung integrated the refined wearOS with its own OneUI Watch OS making it the most authentic Android smartwatch experience. With 3 more years of updates, you are also covered in terms of new features and security patches.

watch5new scaled e1665257386946 Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?

So, these are some of the pointers which makes it worth a buy including Bluetooth calling, Always-On Display, NFC, Google Play Store support and a lot more. Well, saving all those in my detailed review, but talking about the single biggest con of this Galaxy Watch4, it has to be the battery, it lasts for one to two days at max with Power Saving and it takes around 2 hours to charge which is quite irritating.

I haven’t talked much about the basic features like sleep tracking, spO2 or other fitness features, because these are very common these days and works well on all smartwatches or bands. For Rs.10k, you cannot have everything but if you want an authentic Android smartwatch experience with premiuness and reliability look no further than this Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

Buy from Amazon India where its priced at Rs.11k:

Or, get from Samsung India Store:

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