Thursday, February 2, 2023

IOC thinks Tokyo Olympics must go on regardless of the pandemic scare

The Japanese government are under the impression that the Tokyo Olympics should go on to be held this summer as scheduled. Although Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stated that the official decision might not be in their hands, they still feel organizing it in safety would benefit the greater good.

With the final say falling into the hands of the International Olympic Committee and chief Thomas Bach, the prediction is that the games would not be delayed any further and will be commenced on 23rd July. The funds that have already been invested in the organization of the Olympics this term are extremely high, taking into consideration the share that has gone for the COVID-19 measures. Hence, further postponement of the event will only result in a drastic increase in the expenditure. The IOC reportedly can’t bear any further losses entailed by the halt in the Olympics and have decided that the event will happen amidst everything.

The major reason why Bach is adamant about organizing the Tokyo Olympics is the cosmic amount of debt they will be pushed into if the event doesn’t go through. They have been paid the broadcasting revenues by several organizations like NBC. All that money has been spent on the establishment of the games. If it were to fall off from this point, the IOC would find It infeasible to recover from the financial loss it will incur.


The public of Japan are in no agreement with the decision of the Olympics being held; over 59% of people voted no in a poll regarding the initiation of the games. Over 650,000 people tested positive, with the deaths closing in on an alarming number of 11,000. The country’s people are rightfully worried about the situation, as several people have been reported to have died in their homes. The healthcare personnel, including the nurses, have been overworked for a long time and have rightfully demanded relaxation. The games being held will only take that in the opposite direction.

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