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Intel is ready to deploy another major driver update for its Arc Alchemist GPUs

According to reports, Intel is working on a major GPU update that will improve the performance of Arc Alchemist GPUs in upcoming drivers. Over the last few months, PC Games Hardware has paid close attention to Intel’s Arc graphics card driver status, especially after Intel encountered several issues with software for the Arc GPUs during the launch.

However, it appears that Intel released a significant driver update that improved overall performance in games that use the DirectX9 API. The company raised this issue after reporting that optimizations for older titles would take much longer than games that use the DirectX12 API and the open-source Vulkan API.

Since Intel encountered issues during the initial run of the Arc GPUs, sales have been stagnant in comparison to NVIDIA and AMD.

Intel GPU Driver status, Source: PCGamesHardware

This was primarily due to the fact that the latter two companies had more experience in the graphics card industry than Intel, which had only begun in the last year and a half. PC Games Hardware has learned from “well-informed sources,” which are unknown if they are directly from Intel or another organisation, that the company’s graphics driver will be updated soon however, nothing has been revealed about the release date.

Only one of the 66 games tested had major texture issues (Halo Infinite), but Intel is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. Some games continue to warn players about incompatible/outdated drivers, which is unfortunate for some titles but very annoying for players who already have the most recent Intel drivers.

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