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Indus: All the Latest Updates About Gun Creation and Gameplay Teaser in the Battle Royale game 

Super Gaming comes with brand new and exciting updates for their made-in-India game title, known as Indus. After knowing about the updates all the gamers are very excited to get some new updates about the game. The developer team worked hard to deliver some new experiences to the gamers so that we all can stand up to our expectations. The gamers also have some huge expectations from the game. The developers confirm that Indus is one of the most ambitious projects. The game has been made on the platform of tech, art, world, and definitely an interesting story. 



The most amazing fact is Indus is a made-in-India game for the world battle royale developed by Super Gaming. The main focus of the game is Mythwalker which will be the player. The player has been hired such gun working for COVEN that is an intergalactic syndicate that found an ancient but modern world with advanced technology. The Indus planet fills with full of mysteries for the maximum spacefaring civilizations.

The game is mainly a package of untouched, unexplored, and also islands that change every time. The reason behind the popularity and importance of the planet is Indus’s limitless Cosmium. The element is a life-changing natural wealth with some fair attention of COVEN, and looking harvest for the gaining the material. 

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Roby John also announced the building of an Indian game on Twitter on 26th January 2022: 

image 73 Indus: All the Latest Updates About Gun Creation and Gameplay Teaser in the Battle Royale game 

The Yaksha 

Indus was basically the base of an intelligent race named yaksha, the yaksha civilization was far advanced in comparison with the others in the galaxy due to their research on Cosmium. 

Yaksha and Cosmium 

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The finding of Cosmium had the Yaksha leapfrog to utilize such Jet Engines and nuclear power that’s all are moving from balloons and airships to projection field, manipulation, and also anti-gravity technology. The Yakshas use Cosmium at the top with the extradimensional energy to collect their necessities. Due to the discovery of Cosmium, yaksha becomes the first interstellar civilization on the planet. 

Yaksha’s Ending 

As soon as yaksha grew, did they just disappear abruptly like they had not existed and the whole race through the planet of Indus just become vanished and was erased from, the history pages? 

The State of the Galaxy 

After passing several Millennia. All of the Yaksha portals had been thought to be disappeared unless COVEN hold their hands on one, now the only popular functional portal in existence. The part when you take then try. You are a Mythmaker who hired a gun, an adventurer, and also a blank slate.

We can say that the hunger for the unknown has set you to dive headfirst onto the p0lanet Indus for COVEN, the questions that arise are what will you do on Virlok? The thing that Yaksha left behind can be explored or not, Cosmium hunt or battle against the other Mythwalkers. The new Discord community of the game contains much information regarding it. 


As a royal battle game, there is definitely someplace for action. The maximum action In Indus happens on an ever-changing island map named Virlok. 


There is the only way to Virlok is an ever-changing island map on which the gamer will play through a Portal. It’s true they are many advanced, the portals had their masterpiece. They just only allowed Cosmium-powered unique properties that can travel for a large distance. 


Indus is available on Pc, mobiles, ad Consoles the most satisfying fact is the player has not to pay anything for it as it is a free-to-play game, you can also monetize it via in-app purchase. 

Battle Pass 

As Indus is a free-to-play game, the developers are working deeply in development and have to determine the exact progression that will fit right for the game. We are assuming all the mai8nstream Android and iOS devices will be able to run the game without any such issues in development mode the makers have not specified the minimum requirements to play the game. The developers take compatibility seriously. 

Anti-Cheat Measures 

As the games nowadays can hack easily or use many cheats to play the game, the makers take the matters seriously and try to prevent it. They are just making the game funnier and fairer for all. The developers will monitor the matter through MaskGun and Silly Royale as any unusual activity they ensure for the community does affect it in any way. 

image 69 Indus: All the Latest Updates About Gun Creation and Gameplay Teaser in the Battle Royale game 


The game contains mostly shooter weapons like the others, there can come many varieties of guns. For now, there are many assault rifles, hand cannons, and even snipers to name a few. On speaking on snipers, the developer just unveils their first concept art for Ashvini, that’s the double barrel, burst fire sniper in the discord.  

The game director of Indus, Jwalant reveals a three-and-a-half-minute short video on weapons. He reveals that they are going to launch a new gun with dynamic behavior. A type of gun that can adapt, extends, and also has many versatile ingrains. The weapons Judgment is alone-hit-kill gadgets, it’s not the real-life weapons as it holds something to be translated into 3D. The process is very lengthy to make Judgement. This is a handgun with a manual mode of firing. It can load heavy ammo. If the gamer holds the weapon in ads extend with the barrel that develops range and damage. 

image 71 Indus: All the Latest Updates About Gun Creation and Gameplay Teaser in the Battle Royale game 


You can get a silver color handgun while in the sculpting version. 


If you are in the baking version then there ae another silver and the red version available for the hand-gun. 

Low Poly Game Ready 

The best is the Low Poly Game Ready version that brings mostly yellow and multicolor guns. 


Unwarp version also contains a new type of handgun. 


In Texturing, the essential part for them is the color of the gun. In this, they also bring a new silver version of the handgun. 

The main and important feature of the Judgement handgun is its charging and firing process as wherever you go in the ADS mode, the gun’s parts just reveal and take a shape of an extended barrel which is very unique in this gun. 

The gamers also expecting door a variety of guns at launch. It contains that is not limited to assault rifles, hand cannons, and even snipers. The latest update reveals some new type of sniper weapon, the first concept that they expose door Ashvini. It is a double barrel, the burst-fire sniper in the Discord. 

image 70 Indus: All the Latest Updates About Gun Creation and Gameplay Teaser in the Battle Royale game 


In this new update, we will get another weapon named Judgement, the Indus’ game director Jwalant once again reveals a new trailer about the gun. Judgment is a new addition of Indus, the gun possesses some dynamic behavior, a gun that extends, adapt having versatility in it. The Indus Gansta and 3D artist, Abhishek Ganguly reveals all the weapon in this game is fantastic. Akito who is from Indus Senpai, the man recently worked as a Weapon Concept Artist. According to the developers, it is one of the strong guns, and expecting the game will be available to play later this year. 

Judgment is mainly a one-hit-kill hand canon device. The design of the weapon is quite different than the normal design of the gun, and it works differently. They are trying to translate it into 3D. The making of Judgement is a very long process for them. At first, they collect many references and work on silhouettes, and shape language, after that they combine all of it to release a detailed version. 

Ganguly briefly describes the working process of the gun. The team mainly focuses on the archetype, manual mode of fire, heavy ammo, and the last is holding the weapon in ads extends is its barrel that develops the range and damage. 

The developer this time also takes care of the five parts to modify the gun, which is sculpting, baking, Low Poly Game Ready, Unwrap, and texturing. 

Akito focuses on the animation of the gun, he takes care of which part of the gun need to be animated. It’s true that the pipeline has very few scopes to be over. It is definitely an upgraded weapon, not just a normal handgun. The main feature of Judgement is charging and fire environments. After you enter into the ADs mode the parts of the gun reveal and take a shape of the extended barrel which is a very unique part o0f the gun. We are sure that the gun will not disappoint the gamers. 

Indus will run on Android or not? 

Indus running bas on an engine along with a complete custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack named Indus Engine. Mobile is mainly the biggest segment of the global gaming market by hardware now and we desire to treat players on mobile as first-class citizens rather than an afterthought.  For us, working along with Unity, it’s very easy and faster to target mobile devices as of the feature set, toolchain, and lighter runtime footprint in comparison to some other commercially the game engines. There are some great experiences working along with Unity over the many titles of the shooter. 


For now, the game has only FPP mode, in their internal playtest, but they are planning to down both TPP and FPP bring into the line. 

Release Date

The developer confirms that a playable version of the game will be available in 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

A big thanks for the source. 

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