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India has 3 times more Female Pilots than the World Average

In a Lok Sabha session, the Ministry of Civil Aviation stated that India had a much higher proportion of female pilots than the global average. According to Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister for Civil Aviation, just 5% of pilots worldwide are women, however, this number is 15% in India.

About the Indian Female Pilots

Scindia said that as per the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, there are around 5% female pilots worldwide. About 15% of pilots worldwide are female, although that number is substantially higher in India. The Ministry added that its affiliated groups have made various steps to boost the number of pilots in the nation, including both women and men.

Scindia added that in the first phase, the Airports Authority of India issued award letters for nine new Flying Training Organizations (FTO) slots at five airports, including Belagavi, Jalgaon, Kalaburagi, Khajuraho, and Lilabari, and six additional FTO slots at five airports, including Bhavnagar, Hubballi, Kadapa, Kishangarh, and Salem, in the second phase.

India has 3 times more Female Pilots than the World Average
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These measures will improve the annual issuance of commercial pilot licenses and the number of flying hours at FTOS. The ministry also noted that the India Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) runs awareness campaigns around the nation to support women in aviation, with a particular emphasis on young schoolgirls, especially those from low-income homes.

However, around 2,500 of India’s approximately 17,700 registered pilots are female, according to multiple media sources.

India has 3 times more Female Pilots than the World Average
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Lack of Talent

Although there is good gender diversity in the Indian aviation industry, Akasa Airlines, Tata Air, and Jet Airways are all new airlines that have recently launched, relaunched, or made comebacks.

As per the sources, the founder and CEO of Martin Consulting, Mark Martin said that India requires 6,000 more experienced pilots and an additional 10,000 flight attendants. This industry slowdown will be much harder for the airlines to withstand than previous ones in 2010, 2012, or 2009. One needs more fleets, aircraft, pilots, flight attendants, and engineers to maintain growth.

India has 3 times more Female Pilots than the World Average
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According to experts, the need for skilled pilots will expand, forcing employers to bring in international pilots. During the Covid-19 outbreak, flying schools were forced to close for two years, and there are still many license applications that need to be granted.

There will be a dearth of skilled engineers, ground personnel, and other cabin crew that new airlines would need to recruit in addition to a shortage of pilots. It signals the beginning of a talent war in aviation, which will provide both established and start-up airlines with new terrain to compete on in addition to passengers and flight times.

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