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How to Appreciate Horse Riding As a Sport

Esports and casino gaming sites like Joker123 mirror some of the exhilaration of live events, but nothing gets the blood pumping like competitive horse racing at some of the most prestigious tracks and arenas in the world. However, horse riding has so many facets that are appealing, including professional sports like dressage, show jumping, and other horseback sports, like polo.

Five Surprising Reasons You Will Love Horse Riding

The art of riding horses is said to have originated from the Brahmins of India in approximately 4000 BCE. The Chinese also lay claim to this distinction, but nobody is certain of the facts. During the Medieval period, people prized horses according to their use and not their breed.

Since then, horse riding has become popular in countries like France, England, Italy, Spain, Argentina, India, and Peru. Horse riding is an outdoor recreational sport with excellent potential as a form of exercise and relaxation. Here are five benefits of taking the saddle:

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#1 Excellent Core Strengthening Exercise

Riding works all core stability muscles; abdominals, lower back, and obliques. It is an excellent way to feel stronger and maintain your balance as you strengthen your core through an enjoyable activity in the fresh air. Spectators might mistake horse riding for a leisurely activity, but it can be an intense aerobic workout that tones the entire body.

#2 Beneficial Outdoor Sport

Not many sports enable you to appreciate the outdoors like horse riding. The improved stability of a stronger core guards against falls and slips, but exposure to natural beauty can be just as beneficial. Nature is calming and rejuvenating, improving your outlook on life as you appreciate time with you and the animal.

Time spent outdoors improves emotional life and physical wellbeing because it:

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  • releases muscle tension
  • reduces heart rate
  • regulates blood pressure
  • mitigates stress hormones

#3 Perfect for Burning Calories

Horse riding also burns calories. Only 15 minutes on horseback can burn an impressive 140 calories as you engage your core muscles to keep you in rhythm. If you want to lose weight without feeling tired or distracted, horse riding is an excellent choice.

#4 Ideal for Stress Management

Have you noticed how spending time with an animal makes you feel a certain peace? Horse riding is ideal for stress management, the same way a pet lowers blood pressure and slows the production of stress hormones. Contact with animals increases our production of oxytocin, a hormone linked to relaxation and happiness; so, even amateur horse riding combats anxiety, depression, or general stress.

#5 Helpful for Mindfulness

Stress often occurs because we are living our lives without paying attention to what matters most. Self-care and mindfulness can provide a break, and horse riding lets you focus on mindful practices and eliminate distractions easily. As you form a close bond with your horse, it offers perspective and a moment of reprieve that bodes well for when you return to reality.

While beginners will need supervision, the benefits of horse riding are quickly evident. Once you master it, you could significantly improve your quality of life in the process. Why not take a break from Joker123 and other digital-based pursuits to get some fresh air on horseback?


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Rahul Roy
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