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Highest Paid Esports Stars

Esports are increasing in popularity due to several advantages, including their availability on a wide variety of top-rated gaming platforms like Goldenslot. Fans also appreciate their exhilarating nature, charismatic top players, and the massive prizes on offer.

Seven of the Highest-Paid Esports Champions Worldwide

It’s no surprise that the best esports players are now earning or even surpassing the wages of “real-life” sports stars. Below, we examine the highest-paid esports players globally with a list of some of the more well-known players (in no particular order).

Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja (Fortnite)

Tyler Blevins holds the honour of being the highest-paid Twitch streamer ever. He has participated in an extensive range of events, but most of his winnings emanate from his entertainment career. Although Ninja is more on the fringes of the esports arenas, he has made a name for himself by the value of his cash winnings alone, and that is impossible to ignore.

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Lee Sang-hyeok aka Faker (League of Legends)

Lee Sang-hyeok is better known by his online alias, Faker. He is one of the best League of Legends players to emerge since record keeping began and one of only two players to win the League of Legends World Championship thrice. Lee has earned more than US$1.3 million in prize money, garnering additional revenue from his annual salary, lucrative endorsement deals, and merchandising fees.

Johan Sundstein aka N0tail (Dota 2)

As the esports top earner for 2019, Johan Sundstein has certainly earned his place on the list. That same year, he led his OG team to victory at The International for the second year running, which earned him another impressive payday. Johan goes by the name N0tail online, and he has enjoyed success with long spells at Fnatic and OG.

Kyle Giersdorf aka Bugha (Fortnite)

Kyle Giersdorf, better known as Bugha, was the biggest Fortnite winner in 2019 since the esport took off in 2018. Bugha won a total of US$3.2 million, an amazing performance despite his young age.

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Peter Rasmussen aka Dupreeh (CS: GO)

Peter Rasmussen or Dupreeh has won four Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Valve Majors. His skill was essential in positioning the Astralis CS: GO team as one of the best in the esports arena (he earned US$1.9 million).

Ian Porter aka C6 (Call of Duty)

Ian Porter goes by the online name C6. He is famous for his prowess on Call of Duty, having won 37 tournaments and three world championships across his career. C6 has earned an impressive US$1.2 million in prize money.

Joona Sotala aka Serral (Starcraft 2)

Finn Joona Sotala is one of the best non-Korean StarCraft II players globally. He has risen in the world of StarCraft using his online name, Serral, to become one of the highest-paid competitive players. In 2018, he became the first non-Korean to win the StarCraft II World Championship Series, which earned him total prize winnings of nearly US$1 million.

In 2020 alone, competitive players took home US$235 million across more than 5,400 esports tournaments. The global esports market value was US$1.08 billion, with some experts predicting that it will rise to around US$1.62 billion by 2024. It will be interesting to see if these top players will continue to take home the lion’s share of these prizes, like a Goldenslot 777 jackpot winner, or whether new challengers will emerge.


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