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Here is all of the Netflix Original series that got cancelled in 2021

Indeed, the cancellation of Netflix is always very hard to cover, and in 2021, the list is too long. Now we have shown you every significant cancellation contains the current canceler Zero, Zero Chill, Dash & Lily, and the Israeli show Hit & Run. If you want to know all of the big cancellations until 2021, then we have come here with a long list of them.

Here is the list of all the cancelled shows on Netflix:

The Idhun Chronicles season 1 review - a strong start to the anime but a  weak finish

20. The Idhun Chronicles


It is a Spanish animation show that is quietly told to the fans of The Idhun Chronicles on Twitter about the series that will not be returned in the future.

The trailer for Netflix's The Irregulars paints a supernatural picture of  Sherlock Holmes' London - The Verge

19. The Irregulars

This show stays in US Top 10 for 18 days and in UK Top 10 for 27 days. After just one season, It was shown the door at Netflix despite getting generally solid reviews and was thought of as part of Netflix’s one significant push into the Sherlock Holmes universe.

The Duchess movie review & film summary (2008) | Roger Ebert

18. The Duchess

This show stays in US Top 10 for 0 days and in UK Top 10 for 12 days. It was the first time that the cancellation was exposed on the podcast where there is the lead for the British comedy about the cancellation of  The Duchess for season 2 on Netflix. Katherine Ryan was exposed to the number of people to check out the show by saying it had attracted around 10 million viewers. It is assuming that it is a 2-minute metric.

Monarca (2019) | MUBI

17. Monarca

This show stays in US Top 10 for two days and in UK Top 10 for 27 days. It is a Mexican Spanish language series. The creator of the series has taken to Instagram to tell that Netflix had opted not to renew Monarca for the third season. It has seemed that they had not officially informed the cancellation but instead came to the end of themselves.

French Series 'La Révolution' Season 2 Canceled at Netflix - What's on  Netflix

16. Le Revolution

This show stays in US Top 10 for one day and UK Top 10 for 26 days. It was one of the top Netflix Original shows from France about the period drama action series La Revolution.

This might be why Netflix cancelled Jupiter's Legacy but not Shadow and  Bone | TechRadar

15. Jupiter’s Legacy

This show stays in US Top 10 for 26 days and in UK Top 10 for 22 days. The giant first arrival for the Millarworld on Netflix was cut short after the first entry, a big thanks to the myriad of problems. The cancellation of Jupiter’s Legacy was not declared as a cancellation, but it would not come for season 2. There are also many Millarworld titles that have been lined up for Netflix.

Grand Army' Cancelled — No Season 2 For Netflix Series | TVLine

14. Grand Army

This show stays in US Top 10 for 21 days. It is a teen drama show that has gone for several rounds on Netflix, but it was not that case with Grand Army that was cancelled just after eight months after it was the first time dropped. It was also reported that behind the scenes for the show and with the writers for quitting the show due to the racist exploitation and abuse.

blackAF Season 2 Cancelled, May Return as Netflix Film Franchise | TVLine


This show stays in US Top 10 for ten days and in UK Top 10 for one day. It was renewed mainly for the entire second season, Netflix has reversed reportedly, and its decision in June 2021 and has not even ruled out the possibility of the show returning in a film format in the future.

It also arrives as Kenya Barris slowly it will break away from his commitments from Netflix.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!' Review – The Hollywood Reporter

12. Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!

This show stays in US Top 10 for 11 days and in UK Top 10 for four days. It has been documented how Netflix has been struggling in the multi-cam sitcom format for a while, and Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! maybe it will exemplify the issues all the design faces on Netflix. This show is built around the talents of Jamie Foxx, but beyond that,  it is also facing actually through the identity crisis actually what it is or who it has targeted at.

Officially Cancelled! "Country Comfort" Season 2 Is No More

11. Country Comfort

This show stays in the US Top 10 ten days and the UK Top 10 for 0 days. In March 2021, it came on Netflix; it is the one and also done for the sitcom series that has followed an up and also the coming singer accepting the job as a nanny. You may notice the trend for the next several titles with many days that they spent in the top 10s.

Mr. Iglesias: Cancelled; No Season Three for Netflix Comedy Series -  canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

10. Mr Iglesias

This show stays in US Top 10 for ten days and in UK Top 10 for 0 days. It is also another sitcom with the life to cut short on Netflix. It has three parts that will spread along the two seasons that were come to Netflix but its very short-lived appearances in the top 10s that seem to be suggested the show’s audience was relatively very small.

Watch The Crew | Netflix Official Site

9. The Crew

This show stays in US Top 10 for 10 days. It has continued the live-action multi-cam sitcom that has troubled on Netflix. It is The Crew that will bow out after the single season. There are also some of the cast members that had said the series was canceled before the official confirmation in early July 2021. It was performed a bit better in Austria and Germany.

Why did Netflix cancel Bonding? | No return path to Season 3

8. Bonding

This show stays in US Top 10 for 0 days and the UK Top 10 for 0 days. The first season of this series got a good response and was seriously renewed for the second season. On the other hand, it dropped on Netflix with almost b0 fanfare led to the show being cancelled in the middle of 2021. The writer is working with Netflix on future projects, and it is a shame this show had gone out with a bit of a fizzle.

Emily's Wonder Lab | So Many Series to Queue: The 48 Shows Your Kids Should  Watch on Netflix in 2021 | POPSUGAR Family Photo 19

7. Emily’s Wonder Lab

This show stays in US Top 10 for 0 days and in UK Top 10 for 0 days. This show was hosted by MIT engineer Emily Calandrelli and will not arrive for the second season. It is a live-action educational kids series aired first time in August 2020.

Cursed' Canceled By Netflix After One Season – Deadline

6. Cursed

This show stays in US Top 10 for 20 days and in UK Top 10 for 22 days. It is assumed that it has been cancelled for quite some time. It did not officially get the nudge until July 2021. The reviews were mainly mixed while the show first came out; it did grow as the dedicated fanbase, but, unfortunately, that was not enough justified to bring back Katherine Langford for the second season.

5. Grand Army

This show stays in the US Top 10 for 21 days and the UK Top 10 for 0 days. It was debuted back in October 2020; it is a teen drama series and was about the five students at the large public high school in Brooklyn, and also the students are fighting to succeed. This series was the first time I got the axe in the middle of June 2021.

Hit & Run (TV Series 2021) - IMDb

4. Hit & Run

This show stays in US Top 10 for 14 days and in UK Top 10 for 18 days. It is a new big show from the creators of Fauda that came on Netflix over the summer and soon became cancelled after release, but there is good news, and also the creators have also been signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, which means there are more to arrive.

Meet the Cast of Netflix's Zero Series | POPSUGAR Entertainment

3. Zero

This show stays in the Italian Top 10 for 18 days. It is an Italian superhero series that sadly was boxed after the single-season despite getting some positive reviews from the region where it will arrive. It even failed to crack 30 days in the Italian TV top 10s.

Dash & Lily' Canceled After One Season By Netflix – Deadline

2. Dash & Lily

This show stays in the US Top 10 for seven days and the UK Top 10 for seven days. It was produced by Shawn Levy; it is his second significant cancellation at Netflix after I’m Not Okay With This. This holiday series was adapted from the same name book and has geared itself up for the second season. It has been heard that the second season is under development, but after the concerning update over the summer, Netflix officially has been pulled the plugin in October 2021.

Zero Chill (Netflix) Photo 2 of 5

1. Zero Chill

This show stays in US Top 10 for five days and in UK Top 10 for two days. It was created by Kirstie Falkous and John Regier; Zero Chill would be turn out to be short-lived after it was failing for making up such enough of an impact to get the renewal of the second season.

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