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Henry Cavill upgrading his Gaming Setup wit Noctua & NZXT Cooling Solution

Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel and Geralt of Rivia, has chosen Noctua & NZXT’s cooling solution for his PC to combat the recent heat wave. This is a major fangirl moment for me because I’m a tremendous fan of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the Man of Steel in the DC Extended Universe and his outstanding performance as Geralt of Rivia.

Henry Cavill is renowned for belonging to the PC Master Race, having built his computer, and being an enthusiastic PC gamer.

Cavill stated in an image of his computer that he posted on Instagram that his older computer broke down during the recent heat wave. Henry Cavill chose a brand-new NZXT Kraken series cooler as an upgrade, but strangely, he didn’t choose the stock NZXT fans. With several Noctua fans, which are renowned for their outstanding performance while operating extremely quietly, the Man of Steel went full-DIY. They don’t have any RGB at all, which is fantastic for LED heathens, which is another plus.

Henry reported peak temperatures while gaming under 70C after upgrading his entire rig, which is the ideal temperature for any PC. Being a PC writer, a PC gamer, and someone who has followed Henry for a very long time, this is undoubtedly exciting news. 

Since there is room for one more Noctua fan on the front of the chassis and he will also be replacing the back exhaust fan with his new Noctua breezes, Cavill will also be receiving more fans to complete his set.

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