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Hades is coming for iOS through Netfix: Get Ready By The Next Month

Yes, you heard it right, Hades is coming for iOS and you will get that by month. How, interesting is that, it is for sure. If you want to know about Hades and how it making its way to iOS through Netflix then you are at the page.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about Hades in detail and will tell you everything we know about Hades coming for iOS. So, without any further delays, let’s dive in.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 08 at 15.51.15 2 Hades is coming for iOS through Netfix: Get Ready By The Next Month

Hades Is Coming For iOS

We all have heard the name of Hades, the Greek mythology based game with roguelike action genre. This game has also won the 2020 Game Award for the Best Action Games.

And now Hades is coming for iOS and this not just some rumour but officially confirmed by the Netflix Games. We have also heard about the Netflix Games, an extension service of the Netflix for the game enthusiasts.

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So, now Netflix is not only streaming popular and exclusive movies, shows, or web series but also games. And one of them is going to be Hades, Hades is coming for iOS.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 08 at 15.51.15 1 Hades is coming for iOS through Netfix: Get Ready By The Next Month

We have got the news from Netflix when it shared the teaser on X/Twitter stating,

“Raise some hell! Hades on iOS is coming to Netflix Games on March 19!

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And with this the pre–registration has been started, and we suggest that if you want early rewards and benefits then you must register as soon as read this. Or maybe you won’t get the chance later.

Hades, as we all know is developed by Supergiant Games. This is following Zagreus also the son of Hades, the God and Mark on a journey, as he has to face battles on his way out of the hellscape of Hades, the place.

At the end of the journey is his estranged mother, named Persephone. Just like every other rogue – like games, in the game, Zagreus is in the fast–paced action. He dies and then washed down the River Styx.

However, perilous trek out of Hades once again but he once again stood up and accepted the challenge. The story and game goes on with some other characters like Aphrodite the god of love and Dionysus the god of wine.

Earlier we heard about Hades is coming for iOS in last year November. And just like the other Netflix Games, you don’t have to be disturbed by the irritating ads, extra fees or in – app purchases.

Since then we all heard rumours on Hades is coming for iOS, its release date and more. However, now we have got the official announcement. So, what are you waiting for, just go and get your pre – registration.


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