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Google Pixel Fold Renders Leaked ahead of rumored launch

Google hasn’t blazoned its folding smartphone yet, but it’s been many times since the rumors started circulating, enough that we have an idea of what the company will do when it eventually commits to the form factor. Over at Front Page Tech, a popular YouTube channel that’s been on the plutocrat many times with leaks, new renders indicate the Pixel Fold will be bigger than Samsung’s current release and it’ll have bigger bezels, too.

Google Pixel Fold Renders Leak
Credit: FrontPageTech

Google Pixel Fold Design Renders

It’s supposedly still in the channel, presently one of” Google’s most uncommunicative systems ever”, and it’ll allegedly be launched coming May alongside the Pixel Tablet. We presume an unveiling at Google’s periodic inventor conference, I/ O, given that it always takes place in May. There will be two color performances, which Google is calling Chalk (aka white) and Obsidian (aka black).

Google Pixel Fold Renders Leak
Credit: FrontPageTech

A myriad of renders of the device have been blurted in both colorways, recreated grounded on 3D renders and” other stuff”, but no specs this time around.
The unnamed sources that made this report possible do still claim the Pixel Fold will have the “usual Pixel-esque performance” and the Pixel flagship camera.


The Pixel Fold’s price has also been outed$,799. That is exactly the price at which Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 launched in the US back in August, and we mention that because that is going to be the Pixel Fold’s main contender for the foreseeable future. That said, by the time Google’s foldable eventually hits the thoroughfares, the Galaxy Z Fold4 will surely profit from a ton of abatements, so it remains to be seen whether the Pixel Fold will have enough screening points to sway people towards itself.

Google Pixel Fold Renders Leak
Credit: FrontPageTech

The Pixel Fold’s’ camera bar’ isn’t as extensive as the one in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as it does not go all the way to the edges. It’s still substantial enough, however, and ever makes this phone incontinently identifiable as a Pixel. There are two9.5 MP selfie cameras, one inside the hole punched into the external screen, the other on the right side of the weirdly big top bezel of the inner screen.

The power button has the point anthology bedded, and there are two speakers- bone on the top side, one on the bottom. That is all that this leak reveals, but we’d naturally anticipate the Pixel Fold to be powered by a Tensor chipset.

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