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Google Pixel 8a Teardown: Discoveries on Cooling and Battery Removal

Google shocked everyone by releasing the Pixel 8a earlier this month—and met expectations. The phone may not be quite as advanced as its more expensive siblings, but it continues to secure an outstanding Pixel experience. In fact, Renowned YouTuber PBKreviews did another teardown of the phone and posted a video to his channel making some interesting discoveries on Google’s “budget” pixel.

Google Pixel 8a

All About Google Pixel 8a Teardown

Underneath, it’s the same hardware that powers its more expensive siblings but at a lower clock with Pixel 8a running on Tensor G3 chipset. But even so, it is still more or less equal in performance, as shown by benchmarks. However, the teardown revealed that, unlike most of its more premium brethren (that typically come with a vapor chamber for additional cooling), this is not the case. Fortunately, the device makes up for it slightly with plenty of copper and thermal pads leading to good heat dissipation which helps alleviate some overheating concerns.

image 20 8 jpg Google Pixel 8a Teardown: Discoveries on Cooling and Battery Removal

A notable downside revealed by the teardown is how difficult it is to replace the battery. Unlike a number of devices, the 8a does not have easy-to-remove pull tabs for its battery and heavy-duty adhesive underneath holds it securely to the chassis. Battery retention remains high, even with the isopropyl alcohol. That may not be much of a concern for users with short-term purchase plans, but it’s certainly something that long-term owners should consider—especially when Google earlier promised at least 7 years’ worth of software updates.

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Those problems aside, the Pixel 8a is an intriguing prospect for anyone who wants a premium Pixel experience but at a more reasonable cost. Although it’s slightly nerfed in terms of performance, the heat management on this baby is quite impressive and overall pleasantly executed with thought put into addressing certain common issues. However, prospective buyers must take with them that the battery replacement will not be as cushy if they plan to keep it for a set of years.

image 19 71 jpg Google Pixel 8a Teardown: Discoveries on Cooling and Battery Removal

At the end of the day, just as its predecessors have done previously, Pixel 8a does illustrate how Google remains dedicated to creating great devices with a strong emphasis on overall user experience. It may not be as fancy as more expensive models but might just be a good pick for anyone who wants a dependable smartphone without needing to get a bank loan. And if nothing else, the Pixel 8a is evidence that as Google spreads out its array of products there will be decent technology available to more people than ever before.


  1. Does the Pixel 8a have overheating issues without a vapor chamber?

    Despite lacking a vapor chamber, the Pixel 8a manages heat efficiently with copper and thermal pads.

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  2. Is battery replacement difficult for the Pixel 8a?

    Yes, removing the Pixel 8a’s battery is challenging due to the strong adhesive and lack of pull tabs, especially for long-term users.


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