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Google Pixel 6 Pro’s slow charging issue is an intended feature

Since the time of its launch, the Google Pixel 6 Series has been plagued with a number of issues that surfaced repeatedly.

Now, another one of these supported issues has surfaced that impacts the Google Pixel 6 Pro. This time around, it is a feature that as per Google is working the right way but the users think that it is an issue.

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Recently, a Reddit user, PhoneArena shared his experience with the Google Pixel Pro in a post, in which he asked other Pixel users if their new smartphones are also facing this bug that leads the battery to charge slowly.

The user said that the Pixel 6 Pro charged at a snail’s pace and he even attempted to restart the device. Although, neither restarting the phone nor changing chargers help.

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For those unaware, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is powered by a 5,003mAh battery that supports 30W fast charging.

Once this user posted this qualm, other users joined this thread and echoed the same sentiments. One user said that his Google Pixel 6 took 3 hours to charge from 23% to 100% while another said that his Google Pixel 6 Pro went from 10% to 50% in one hour.

The common denominator amongst most of the Reddit users was that all of them noticed that when their devices charged to a point of 80%, from that point onwards, it slows down all the way to 100%.

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However, Google actually meant to do this and this is not just a bug.

A feature called Adaptive Charging is believed to be the culprit behind what the users are considering to be a bug.

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This feature uses AI and Machine Learning to determine the time that a user plugs their Google Pixel 6 Pro out of their chargers every day.

Adaptive Charging is basically to help keep the battery of the smartphone in good health. Charging speeds usually drop around 80% while computing how fast it needs to charge 100% before the device is unplugged.

In other words, users can disable the feature in Settings, although, your battery life may deteriorate faster in the long run.

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