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“Gone For Good”: Netflix has dropped the trailer of Harlan Coben’s Standalone Thriller

Netflix just has dropped the teaser of the thriller series. It is one of the most popular platforms, so it always has some of the best series in its collection to keep entertaining the viewers for a long time.

We have seen that during the pandemic situations, Netflix already had made a long list of TV Series and films to launch on the platform. Now, as the restrictions are now loosened, so it does not go to stop anymore.

This series is mainly based on the mystery and thriller novel of that exact name, and the most important fact is it has been adapted from the standalone novel of Harlan Coben.


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The story of the series revolves around a character named Guillaume Lucchesi, played by Oldfield. Lucchesi is acting like he had been drawn a line so that he doesn’t have to face any kind of tragedies. At first, he lost her loved woman named Sonia which is played by Marillier, and after that, his brother Fred played by Duvauchelle. 

After the tragedies, it has been befallen another where he also lost Judith, which is played by Harzoune from whom he got the care and love that made his entire life almost bearable.

Netflix and Coben’s Collaboration

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It is not the first time Netflix also has adopted the work of Coben from Safe for a long time, The Woods, and The Stranger, and it seems to be one of the best offerings provided by the streaming services. If you are a fan of Coben the Netflix adaptations then definitely you will be going to love this series.


It is a French-language series which is featuring Nicolas Duvauchelle, Finnegan Oldfield, Nailia Harzoune, Guillaume Gouix, and Garance Marillier.

Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that this series will be available for streaming in late 2021.  Al the viewers are expecting to release the series to the Q4 release with The Witcher.

List of the Episode

This series has been split into five parts.

Here is the trailer:


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