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Driving Technology Towards Net Zero, GIGABYTE HPC Solutions Rally ‘Power of Computing’ at CES

GIGABYTE, a leading brand of computer innovations and key player in the tech industry, resumes its strong presence at the upcoming CES (#9119 LVCC North Hall). From January 5th to 8th, GIGABYTE will exhibit its HPC products and total solutions, demonstrating the full breadth of ‘Power of Computing’ and its impact on shaping the technology landscape.

GIGABYTE is addressing a serious topic that concerns the tech industry on a global scale with its HPC solutions. The data centres in the world account for as much carbon emission as the entire aviation industry while technology continues progressing rapidly in the direction where more computing performance is required to keep up with the innovations.

This challenge of balancing computing demand vs carbon footprint can be overcome by optimizing data centres’ operation stability and power usage effectiveness using advanced cooling solutions, which is one of the highlighted sections in GIGABYTE’s booth. The section features a walkthrough of the mainstream cooling solutions and a display of server products designed to fit in air, direct-liquid, and immersion cooling.

High Performance Computing Platform Driving Technology Towards Net Zero, GIGABYTE HPC Solutions Rally ‘Power of Computing’ at CES

GIGABYTE invested in immersion cooling technology early and has a monumental breakthrough this year as it released its own-designed immersion cooling tanks that comply with both EIA and OCP specifications. The investment in immersion cooling has come to fruition as GIGABYTE’s expertise in the technology was trusted by the world’s leading IC foundry giant, which in turn, garnered GIGABYTE’s experience and products to propel its advanced process and pursue its ESG leadership and influence.

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Vehicle tech is thriving as it leverages the power of computing to helm artificial intelligence and communications, therefore paving way for safer driving and smarter traffic. With extensive experience in developing ADCU (Autonomous Driving Control Unit) and ADAS DCU (Domain Control Unit), GIGABYTE provides the automotive industry with high-performance Zonal Integrated DCUs and decision-making control hosts, which are built with a centralized architecture and can be integrated into various requirements and design concepts, lowering vehicle production costs.

Driving Technology Towards Net Zero, GIGABYTE HPC Solutions Rally ‘Power of Computing’ at CES

GIGABYTE invited other companies of key components and strategic partnership to exhibit a comprehensive demonstration of a smart car, illustrating the computers’ capacity to receive information from multiple signals and process the information in real-time to prompt critical and accurate corresponding commands.

The annual CES remains a landmark event for thought leaders and influencers to come together and pivot future tech evolution. The ‘Power of Computing’ is becoming a prevalent resource that pushes the pedal of the 21st century digital transformation. GIGABYTE brought its data center expertise and industry know-how, from HPC servers, workstations to personal computers, and AI solutions from development platforms to self-driving cars, to empower users from enterprises to individuals to expand their business endeavors and personal visions. GIGABYTE is excited to welcome attendees to visit its booth to connect and move the future together using ‘Power of Computing’.


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