Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Ghost Recon Game to make its debut in 2025

Ghost Recon fans have been dissatisfied with Ubisoft’s treatment of the third-person shooter series in recent years. It all started with the underwhelming Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which failed to deliver on the fans’ expectations of a true, grounded, and realistic military shooter.

Then there was the news about Ghost Recon Frontline, a battle-royale/extraction shooter that was cancelled months after its official reveal due to player backlash, so it’s safe to say that this franchise has had a rough time.

There have been no official announcements regarding the future of Ghost Recon, but it appears that Ubisoft is hard at work on the next instalment, which will not be released anytime soon.

Ghost Recon
credit: wccftech

According to trustworthy insider Tom Henderson, the next Ghost Recon game could be released in 2025.


That makes sense if Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon team is developing the new game from the ground up, which typically takes five to six years. With Ghost Recon Breakpoint releasing in 2019 and all the time wasted on Ghost Recon Frontline, 2025 is probably a reasonable target date for a completely new Ghost Recon experience.

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