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Fun88: An Overview And Complete Review Of The Long-Standing Bookie


Fun88: An Overview And Complete Review Of The Long-Standing Bookie

For bettors in the Thailand market, Fun88 is no longer a weird moniker. Reputable companies have a strong presence on Fun88, using a wide range of appealing items. Let’s learn everything there is to know about the Fun88 bookie in order to assist readers in selecting a location that offers premium amusement betting.

Fun88 is known as one of the oldest bookmakers operating in the Thailand market for a long time. Let’s learn about the formation process as well as the business partners of the  Fun88 bookie.

Origin of the Fun88 Bookie


One of the bookmakers that have been around since 2008 is called Fun88. The official information, however, states that this bookmaker joined the OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED organization and began operations in 2019. As a bookmaker, Fun88 does business. a legitimate bookmaker that is authorized to do business by PAGCOR and has its headquarters in the Philippines.

A wide range of alluring betting options is provided by the bookmaker.

Since Fun88 has been active in the Thailand market for a while, they are familiar with the customs and preferences of the Thailand populace. To make it simple for players to select, Fun88 uses a variety of many various sorts of amusement betting.

Fun88  has a history of formation and development over 10 years, so the reputation of this bookie is highly appreciated. If you still do not know which bookmaker to choose to register an account to participate in betting, you can refer to  Fun88 ‘s information.

Fun88 is a partner of many companies and a prestigious brand

Fun88  not only has a long operating time in the betting market, but they are also partners with many leading companies in the world. Organizations that provide various types of entertainment betting are the leading cooperative units of the  Fun88 bookie. This proves that they are one of the reputable bookmakers and have a separate development path in the future.

As a result of their high level of popularity, many Thailand consumers choose Fun88 when setting up an account to wager. Because they invest a lot of money in grand marketing campaigns, Fun88 is well-known. Before offering online betting in the domestic market, they pay particular attention to their thorough research into the consumption habits of Thailand people.

Light blue is used as the interface color for Fun88’s website design to give users a cozy and enjoyable feeling. More than 10,000 sporting events, as well as 100 fascinating casino games, are available on Fun88.

Betting Games at Fun88 bookie

Fun88  has many years of experience operating in the Thailand market, so they offer a wide variety of attractive product lines. Coming to the  Fun88 bookie’s game store, you can experience a lot of attractive betting games.

Fun88 sports betting

Fun88 is regarded as a bookmaker tycoon who focuses on offering sports betting. The bookmaker’s sports betting forms are quite appealing, making it simple for you to decide to take part. The betting options include the following:

Sports IBC

IBC Sports is one of the most alluring sports betting options available on the Fun88 bookmaker’s internet platform. When a user has a financial account, they may easily join this type of sports entity. And receiving cashback of up to 0.5% each day is one of the key considerations for players who partake in ipc sports betting.

Sports IM

IM Sports is also one of Fun88 ‘s attractive sports products. When choosing this sports hall, players will find a full list of matches with their own odds. 

Sports CDM

One of the sports betting products that features a variety of sports is Sports CDM. Users have complete discretion over whether or not to wager on sports, including events held in both large and small tournaments.

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Offers a wide variety of sports betting

Sports Fun88

Fun88  sports is also one of the forms that you can try to experience on the bookie’s website system. Provide a variety with a lot of different polar candies for players to easily choose to participate and earn money.

Esports betting – Esports

E-sports betting is also one of the outstanding products on the website system of the  Fun88 bookie. When choosing this method, players will receive a chance to return up to 100%. At the same time, when participating in e-sports betting on the website system of the  Fun88 bookie, users will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive promotional gifts.

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E-sports deployed on the website platform

Online Casino Casino

Fun88  also deploys many online casinos to make it easy for players to choose to participate in betting. Each online casino lobby will offer around 100 games, with four popular.

Fun88 Palace

One of the online casino game rooms that offers you the most alluring gameplay is Fun88 Palace. Full HD video streaming in real-time is supported for computers and mobile devices. When playing at online casinos, players experience a genuine feeling thanks to the incredibly friendly interface design.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is also one of the online casino halls that you can choose from on the  Fun88 bookie system. It is one of the best online casinos available for both mobile and desktop apps.

Happy Palace

Happy place online casino lobby is suitable for a wide range of desktop and mobile device formats. This lobby supports 20 different levels for players to experience the betting game of  Fun88

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Online casino with multiple online lobby

E Place

E Place is known as one of the casino products that can be used on mobile applications. The extremely smooth operation gives players a great experience when participating in betting in this lobby.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is also one of the attractive play scenes that you can choose from at the  Fun88 bookie. A great royal-class experience that will not let players down.

Other Games at Fun88 bookie

Among the bookmakers that provide a selection of games with many appealing games, Fun88 is regarded as one. More than 3,000 video games created with a variety of themes are kept in the bookie’s game store system. You have the chance to receive 30% of the first top-up card’s value when you participate in the bookie’s games.

An extremely attractive game system with a high payout ratio

Online Lottery

Online lottery is one of the forms of entertainment and easy money that many people in Thailand choose to participate in on  Fun88. Choosing to participate in an online lottery, players will have the opportunity to receive 100% of the value of the first loaded card.

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Attractive online lottery for many players

Evaluate the success factors of the Fun88 bookie

Fun88 is regarded as one of the trustworthy bookies and has several exceptional benefits for success. To understand why there is no need to raise the number of registered accounts, let’s look at some of this bookmaker’s excellent benefits.

Access interface

The access interface of the  Fun88 bookie is highly appreciated by consumers. Design the bookie’s website interface using colors that bring prosperity and luck to players. All the categories and details shown on the bookie’s website system give players the comfort of trading.


Fun88  offers a variety with many different odds to make it easy for players to choose to participate. Depending on their needs and preferences, players can choose the appropriate types of bets.

Access Speed

This is regarded as one of the bookmakers with a wealth of knowledge from years of operation in the betting industry, as well as having both financial and human potential. Their interface system has a very quick loading time of under 5 seconds. Additionally, the user experience is enhanced by the vibrant color and image design.

Customers do not have to wait very long to access the Fun88 bookie’s website or app. We can quickly and easily access the thing we want to bet on with a few clicks.

Partner with many game providers

Fun88 is known as one of the bookies that cooperate with many leading reputable game publishers in the world. Provide a variety with a lot of attractive and highly entertaining redemption games. The payout rates of these games are also quite attractive, giving users a chance to make money at home.

Professional customer service

Fun88 owns professional and dedicated customer care services to bring customers a lot of value. When customers need to consult information or want advice, they can directly contact the customer care staff.

The simple and professional transaction process

Fun88 designed the transaction process to be extremely simple and professional so that anyone can participate in betting. Fast deposit and withdrawal help players feel secure when participating in betting on the bookie’s system.

Instructions to download App Fun88

Fun88 develops a smartphone application that makes it easy for players to participate in betting at any time. If you want to download the application, you can refer to the steps below.

  • Users can log in to the homepage of the  Fun88 bookie, or access the CH play app store if using an Android phone, and the app store if using an iOS phone.
  • Choose the appropriate version to download to your phone, and start betting. The Fun88 dealer‘s app automatically installs on your phone, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time to install it.
  • Players need to register an account and make a deposit to start betting.

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The bookie supports the application on the phone

How to Register for a Fun88 account

For the purpose of placing bets, Fun88 allows users to register for a free account on the website. Detailed instructions on how to register for an account and log in to an account on the website are provided below so that users can easily manipulate them.

How to Sign up for a Fun88 account

To register for an account( สมัครfun88 ), you can follow the instructions below.

  • First, users need to log in to the website of the  Fun88 bookie and click on the registration word in the right corner of the screen.
  • Immediately the account registration form will appear, you also have to fill in all the information that the bookie requires.
  • Finally, users just need to click on the register button to easily own an account on the system to participate in betting.

Once you have created an account on the  Fun88 system, you need to update your information.

  • Click on the user name on the website to display the updated form information inside.
  • Users need to confirm the email and verify the phone number on the account to ensure security.

How to Log in to your Fun88 account

Once the user has an account on the website of the Fun88 bookie, they can follow the following steps to log in.

  • You need to visit the official website of the Fun88 bookie and click the login button in the right corner of the screen.
  • Next, users only need to press their username and password to easily log into the bookie’s internal system.

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Easy login to participate in betting at Fun88 bookie

How to Deposit and Withdraw at Fun88 bookie

How to deposit and withdraw money on the system of the  Fun88 bookie, please refer to the following detailed instructions to easily have money in your account to participate in transactions.

Deposit/withdrawal conditions at the Fun88 bookie

Linking your bank account with your personal account is a requirement for making deposits and withdrawals at Fun88. Account details for deposits and withdrawals must match those stored in the bookmaker’s website database. To prevent being unable to deposit or withdraw, it is crucial that you do this.

We have to make sure that all of the information is accurate when we deposit money and withdraw it. To decide whether to deposit or withdraw money from the system, you must accurately verify your citizenship number and bank card.

How to Top up at Fun88 bookie

Fun88 supports many methods of depositing money into the account for players to participate in betting. Let’s take a look at the deposit methods that the bookie supports players.

  • Deposit via bank transfer.
  • Top up with MoMo e-wallet.
  • Top up with Fgo. card
  • Top up by fastpay

Choose any deposit method, players just need to follow the instructions below to easily deposit money into the account.

  • First, players need to log in with their name and password on the website system of the  Fun88 bookie.
  • Select the deposit and choose the deposit method that you feel is suitable.
  • Immediately the information of the bookie depositing with that method will appear for players to make deposit transactions.
  • When you have deposited money into the account of the bookie of  Fun88, enter all the relevant information on the form. And a point that players need to pay attention to should keep the information related to the deposit into the account as evidence.

How to Withdraw money at Fun88 bookie

How to withdraw money from the account of the bookie Fun88 on the subject of an individual’s account. If players still do not know how to withdraw money from their account, they can refer to the following instructions.

  • First, users need to log in to the website system of the  Fun88 bookie and choose a withdrawal.
  • You need to provide all the information that the bookie requires to make a withdrawal. Players should note that the information entered on the website system needs to be accurate.
  • After checking the information on the bookie withdrawal request form, the player clicks on the submit button for the bookie to make this request of the player.

Link to Fun88

When we want to participate in betting on the website of the  Fun88 bookie, we need to choose the official link to avoid being scammed.

How to enter Fun88 quickly

Fun88 supports a lot of links so that players can easily access the website system. The official link that players can refer to is https://sharronangle.com/. Save this link on your computer for easier access next time.

Fun88’s attractive promotions

Fun88 is renowned for being one of the bookmakers with the most alluring promotions. The bookmaker’s promotion program is intended to encourage both new members to open an account and devoted customers to place bets. Every betting product on Fun88‘s platform is created with its own promotions.

I QFxt3OG Kvj93t41x8067XUFgWOQKLy4sMHscOIui3aWUA xip93UgeQzwKY D7HPC5VdCfEQsYxTUlvoBojMAJdqUpvBSxCxed6eb14O3D7Fh4VGb8jpkfJ2iym7YhAX3oqCQNs8 g7DiuJDXTToQeq8rzKheXJ7Y4Fgqe WDulW D poCt hdtjQ Fun88: An Overview And Complete Review Of The Long-Standing Bookie

The bookie promotes attractive programs

Refund Promotion

The cashback promotion is one of the attractive promotions on the  Fun88 bookie system. Users participating in all forms of betting on the bookie’s system will receive a refund promotion.

  • The promotion of 2% instant cashback for customers who participate in CMD sports betting in the form of parlay bets.
  • Participating in the lottery, players have the opportunity to refund their losses every week up to 2 million VND at Lottery  Fun88, SGW, TC.

Sports category promotion

The sports betting section is one of the attractive categories of the  Fun88 bookie. The promotion of the sports section is also quite attractive that you can refer to receive rewards

  • Premier League bets get 268k and jerseys.
  • Newcastle United Special Bonus.
  • Special Bonus Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Lucky Sapa sports bet ticket.
  • 2% instant cashback on sports parlay bets CMD.

Casino Promotion

Brothers participating in the casino can refer to the promotion of Victory every day opening the gate of the god of fortune.

Esports Promotion

For those of you who participate in e-sports betting on Fun88, there is a chance to experience a weekly bonus of up to 300k.

Bonus every day at Fun88

Fun88  deploys a daily bonus to bring luck to players. The daily bonus promotions are attractive and you can refer them.

  • Get 18 free spins when players participate in exploding Olympus’ portal.
  • Get 18 bonus points with 300k.
  • Get 188 bonus points with a 5 million deposit.
  • Get 100k happy birthday.


Joining the game on the bookie’s website system also has the opportunity to receive many attractive promotions.

  • Happy new year, bonus of 46 billion.
  • Play the game to get the wheel of fortune.
  • SOS rewards for participating in the  Fun88 game.
  • SOS rewards for participating in PT games.
  • Weekly revenue bonus for the game.
  • Relegation rewards for members participating in the elite jar explosion.
  • Elite member offers on the game portal.
  • Bonus game leaderboard.

3D Casino

Joining 3D casino, you can receive an extremely attractive program that is the tournament of To God cards of Millionaire.


Every week, players who take part in the lottery at Lottery Fun88, SGW, and TC have the chance to get their losses back up to 2 million VND.

The Fun88 bookie‘s website system offers an incredibly wide variety and wealth of promotions. You should also take a look at a few programs for new members to receive rewards if you’re unfamiliar with the process of creating a new account. To help you easily increase your benefits, there is a promotion for new members that is quite alluring.

  • New member signup bonus of up to 60% for the poker category.
  • Participate in sports betting or great deals when registering up to 150%.
  • CMD sports registration bonus up to 150%.
  • 100% registration bonus when you join an online casino.
  • 100% registration bonus for brothers when participating at the Royal Palace lobby.
  • 100% signup bonus for the PT game.
  • 2 million registration bonus when you join the game.
  • 100% bonus for registering fun Thailand games and winning billions.
  • 100% bonus with a value of up to millions of dong for brothers participating in the lottery.
  • New member bonus program to welcome, worth up to 800k and 20 free spins, and Premier League t-shirt.

Frequently asked questions about Fun88

When participating in betting on the website of the  Fun88 bookie, players will encounter a lot of related questions. Synthesize frequently asked questions and answers to help you solve the difficulties when participating in betting on  Fun88

Q: What is the correct way to get the link to Fun88?

A: Fun88 has an official website at  https://sharronangle.com/, users should refer to the official link at account registration. Later, when the official link of the bookie does not work, they will update via the email you have registered. Or you can also search for backup links of the bookie  Fun88, on the fan page, telegram, or Zalo customer care system.

Q: What are the payment methods at Fun88?

A: Fun88 is one of the bookies originating from abroad, so they support many different payment methods. Depending on the individual’s conditions, you can choose the appropriate method to deposit or withdraw money from the account of the  Fun88 bookie.

Here are a few popular deposit and withdrawal methods of the  Fun88  bookie that you can refer to.

  • QR Pay
  • Zalo Pay
  • Momo Pay
  • Viettel Pay
  • Local bank
  • FGo Card
  • Fastpay
  • Cash Card

Q: Is Fun88 reputable? Fun88 scam?

A: Is Fun88 a reputable bookie to register an account and participate in betting? This is a question that many users are interested in when they want to register an account to participate in betting. Fun88  is considered one of the reputable bookmakers because there are many grounds to prove it.

  • Fun88  is known as one of the bookies with many years of experience operating in the Thailand market.  Fun88  offers a wide variety of different types of entertainment and a long existence is a prerequisite for its high reputation.
  • Fun88  is considered one of the legal bookmakers specializing in providing entertainment betting. It is not easy for a bookie to operate as a legitimate bookie. This partly proves that the  Fun88 bookie is extremely reputable so you can easily choose to participate in betting.
  • Fun88  owns a team of excellent customer care staff to support customers 24/7. Any questions related to the player are answered by an extremely detailed and dedicated service team.
  • The promotions of the  Fun88  bookie are also extremely diverse and attractive, giving players many great choices.
  • Since the  Fun88  bookie has been operating in the Thailand market, it has not directed any information related to the scam.

Q: What betting games does Fun88 have?

A: Fun88 is known as one of the versatile bookies because they offer a variety of attractive entertainment products. If you still don’t know which form of entertainment to choose to participate in to make money at Fun88, you can refer to suggestions such as sports betting, esports, casino, 3D casino, games, and lottery.

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The bookie offers a variety of betting products

Q: What should I do if I lost my Fun88 account password?

A: In the event that you forget your password after creating an account on the Fun88 website system, you must click the lost password link on the bookmaker’s main page. After verifying the proper details, the website system of the Fun88 bookmaker will assist you in giving new passwords to players.

The best course of action is to get in touch with the Fun88 bookmaker‘s customer service team if you are unable to find your account password. You can easily recover your password to access the betting platform with the help and advice of the staff.

Q: Is there a fee to download the Fun88 application?

A: Fun88 not only develops betting products on the website system but also develops mobile applications. If users want to use betting on the phone system, they should download the app to provide a smoother experience. Downloading the application of the  Fun88 bookie is completely free, so you do not need to worry about this problem.

Q: Am I allowed to create more than 2 Fun88 accounts?

A: Through Fun88, you can only do so if you choose to create an account on the bookmaker’s website. If you create too many accounts, the security of the bookie’s data will be compromised. When you ask to have money taken out of your account and find out the information does not match what is listed on the account, it is very difficult to withdraw money. Players should therefore only register an account in order to ensure their security and to take part in betting on the Fun88 system.

Q: What should I do when my account shows signs of being stolen?

A: If your account registered on the  Fun88  system shows signs of being stolen, the best way is to contact the dealer’s customer service department. They will assist you to solve all problems related to the security of account information.

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Players should contact the dealer quickly when their information is stolen

Q: Is the Fun88 bookie suitable for new players?

A: Fun88 is considered one of the platforms that offer a wide variety of attractive sports betting types. All the games they design are suitable for a wide variety of audiences from newcomers to seasoned players. If you are a new player, you can try to register an account on  Fun88, and use a small amount of capital to make money.

Q: Why can’t I connect to the call center?

A: There may be congestion as a result of too many contacts if you are unable to contact the Fun88 bookie‘s customer service department. At a later time, you might want to try reaching out to Fun88 customer service. Alternatively, users can get better support by getting in touch with Fun88’s customer service division through another channel of communication.

Q: What are the services/games at Fun88?

A: To make it simple for you to decide whether to take part in earning money from home, Fun88 offers a variety of engaging games and services. The bookmaker’s website system offers enticing games that you can try playing, such as sports betting, esports betting, lotteries, 3D casino games, and live casinos.

mO8rchJLyALfrbunAQI52lQT3ZJEeY Fun88: An Overview And Complete Review Of The Long-Standing Bookie

Support online players on the website

In Conclusion

One of the trustworthy bookmakers we can select to place our bets with is Fun88, which has a number of exceptional benefits to offer. In an effort to give players the most thorough information, share all the review data for the Fun88 bookmaker.

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