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Fortnite On Its Way To iOS In Europe: Epic Games As A Big Helping Hand

There is good news for the Fortnite fans, the game is all set to release in Europe this year. And this is happening with the help of Epic Games.

It sounds exciting, and it is indeed. Now the European player can enjoy the gaming experience of Fortnite. In this article, we are going to have a discussion on how you can avail of the game. So, if you are interested in learning more, then please give this article a read.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 28 at 22.04.34 Fortnite On Its Way To iOS In Europe: Epic Games As A Big Helping Hand

Fortnite Launching To iOS In Europe Through Epic Games

You might be aware of the on-going tussle between Apple and Epic Games for the Epic Games Store. This even has resulted into the legal lawsuit filed by the latter. However, here we are going to discuss how Epic Games Store is going to launch its Fortnite back in Europe for iOS devices.

If you happen to remember, then you know that in the year 2020 Fortnite was banned by the Apple for iOS devise in Europe. And this was because Epic Games tried to initiate direct payments that would bypass Apple’s 30% cut.

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And this was to happen for every single microtransaction taking place on iOS devices. As a result, Apple banned the Epic Games Store, and according to the latter, it was prepared for it. Till now, there has been a long legal fight between two parties.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 28 at 22.00.51 Fortnite On Its Way To iOS In Europe: Epic Games As A Big Helping Hand

And now Epic Games Store has announced that the Fortnite is coming to iOS devices in Europe this year. It will do so by taking benefit from the Digital Market Act Law, which is passed by the European Union.

“They are forcing developers to choose between App Store exclusivity and the store terms, which will be illegal under DMA, or accept a new also – illegal anticompetitive scheme rife with new Junk Fees on downloads and new Apple taxes on payments they don’t process.

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Apple proposes that it can choose which stores are allowed to compete with their App Store. They could block Epic from launching the Epic Games Store and distributing Fortnite through it, for example, or block Microsoft, Valve, Good Old Games or new entrants.

The Epic Games Store is the #7 software store in the world (behind the 3 console stores, 2 mobile stores and Steam on PC). We’re determined to launch on IOS and Android and enter the competition to become the #1 multi – platform software store, on the foundation of payment competition, 0% – 12% fees, and exclusive games like Fortnite.

Epic has always supported the notion of Apple notarization and malware scanning for apps, but we strongly reject Apple’s twisting this process to undermine competition and continue imposing Apple taxes on transactions they’re not involved in.”


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