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Fortnite Creative 2.0: Here are some of the Maps which you can give a try

Since Fortnite’s initial release in 2018, creative mode has played a significant role in the game. Now, a significantly improved and more complicated version is available to give players the chance to advance game and map creation.

Community content producers have been working hard to publish as many entertaining and inventive islands for fans to enjoy since the release of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), also known to most fans as Creative 2.0.

Here are some of our recommendations for Fortnite players to try out:

Color Switch

Try Color Switch by TeamUnite if you’re looking for an entertaining game with some competitive elements. The moment players begin the game, they shrink to the size of a mosquito and appear on a vibrant board with a giant Peely staring at them disapprovingly. Peely will pick a colour, and the players must move as quickly as they can onto a square of that specific colour in order to avoid falling and losing. The difficulty will rise as the rounds go on, and the time it takes for the other squares to disappear from the board will get much shorter.

Scary Doll

Fans of Friday Nights at Freddy’s will probably enjoy Kool Light69’s Scary Doll island. The designers of this map were able to add horror to Fortnite and create a game with the spookiest atmosphere possible thanks to the new UEFN abilities. Turning on a breaker and then leaving the ruins is the game’s initial goal, but it might not be as easy as it seems. Players who are interested in this style of gameplay should give this map a try, but they should exercise caution because the environment is ominous and dark, and it contains jumpscares, which can make people feel very uneasy.

Gemstone Tycoon

credit: gamespot

Gemstone Tycoon by Infinity.Studios is without a doubt the Creative 2.0 game that can best demonstrate to players the variety that can go into the creation of a Fortnite game. In Gemstone Tycoon, the player manages a gemstone business in a competitive environment with other businesses. The goal is to outperform competitors from the other businesses in terms of revenue per second. To increase factory speed and subsequently profit, the player must pickaxe a gemstone with their harvesting tool and then spend money on upgrades. They can modernise their manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes. To keep competitors out, they can also invest in security equipment (weapons) and set up a laser door.

Ninja Battles

The Ninja Battles island map by BrendannnD allows players to defeat foes without the use of weapons by using elemental balls and spin attacks. With a group of friends, it is a fantastic combat-focused game that is a lot of fun. The winning team in this game mode is the one that scores 100 points first, either by capturing zones or eliminating opponents, in a 5v5 battle.

Pirate Adventure

If the player doesn’t like the ninja-themed map from 3D Lab, they might want to try the Pirate Adventure map. The open-world environment of this game features a number of islands that players are encouraged to explore. To complete quests and collect as much treasure as you can is the main goal.

OG Chapter 1 Map

credit: gamespot

Several Chapter 1 map recreations were uploaded as soon as Fortnite’s UEFN map went live so that nostalgic fans could find some solace and relive the good old days. Variations of the original Fortnite map were exempt from Epic Games’ copyright restrictions despite those restrictions. Players will therefore be able to publish and maintain their remakes even though they won’t be able to monetize these maps.

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