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Flipkart Introduces Exchange Program for Non-Functional Appliances and Smartphones

Flipkart, the leading Indian e-commerce platform, has launched an innovative Exchange Program for non-functional appliances, smartphones, and feature phones. This program allows customers to exchange their defunct large and electronic appliances for upgraded products, including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops, smartphones, and feature phones.

Flipkart Launches Exchange Program for Non-Functional Smartphones and Appliances

The program aims to address the challenges faced by customers when disposing of their non-functional appliances. By eliminating the need to find a vendor for selling or exchanging these appliances and arranging delivery for large items, Flipkart’s exchange program provides a hassle-free process for customers. Additionally, customers will receive an exchange value that can be used to purchase an upgraded product.

credit: Flipkart

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the program also focuses on reducing electronic waste (e-waste) generated by improper disposal. Flipkart has partnered with authorized vendors who will responsibly refurbish, recycle, or dispose of defunct products, ensuring proper e-waste management.

Ashutosh Singh Chandel, Senior Director & Business Head, Re-Commerce at Flipkart, highlighted the need for a circular approach in the e-waste sector. With the new exchange program, Flipkart aims to provide customers with an innovative, sustainable, and convenient solution for discarding unused electronic and large appliances while reducing environmental impact.

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With its extensive logistics network and efficient tech-driven processes, Flipkart ensures a seamless and hassle-free exchange experience, enabling customers to complete the exchange in a single visit.


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