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Fire-Boltt Unveils #GaleTohMil Ad Film Featuring MS Dhoni and MC Stan to launch its revolutionary Wristphone

Fire-Boltt, the leading Indian smart wearable brand unveils its #GaleTohMil ad film featuring the most unusual duo- cricket legend MS Dhoni and acclaimed Indian rapper MC Stan. This captivating film aims to highlight the outstanding features of Fire-Boltt’s newest innovation – the revolutionary Wristphone that seamlessly combines the boundless capabilities of a smartphone with the convenience of a smartwatch. Through #GaleTohMil, Fire-Boltt brings a fresh perspective to the fusion of sports and music, showcasing the seamless integration of technology into everyday life.

Conceptualized and shot by the creative powerhouse- Moonshot, the film captivates the audience with its unique blend of humour, technology, and star power. The storyline unfolds at a party, where MS Dhoni faces an awkward moment when approached by MC Stan. Tension mounts as Dhoni grapples with recalling Stan’s name and songs, resulting in a humorous yet relatable situation that takes an unexpected turn.

The Fire-Boltt Wristphone takes center stage in the narrative as it emerges as Dhoni’s savior by seamlessly providing him with the information that he struggles to remember. The film effectively communicates the Wristphone’s practicality, illustrating why it earns the title of #TheSmartestSmartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Unveils #GaleTohMil Ad Film Featuring MS Dhoni and MC Stan to launch its revolutionary Wristphone

Arnav Kishore, CEO & Founder of Fire-Boltt  said, “We are proud to introduce our first-ever Wristphone through this entertaining and engaging ad film featuring two iconic personalities, MS Dhoni and MC Stan. This product is a game-changer in the wearable tech space, and we believe that the film will effectively communicate its unique features to our audience.”

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The ad film will be promoted extensively across various social media platforms and OTT channels, ensuring widespread visibility. Fire-Boltt aims to connect with audiences of different demographics, raising awareness about its newest innovation—the Wristphone.

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