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FIFA 23: EA Sports bring the Player Career Personality feature to the Career mode

EA Sports’ football-based video game FIFA has been a huge hit with the players over the years. They release a new version of the game around September each year. They have already started planning the release of the next FIFA game, FIFA 23.

However, many things are going to change in the upcoming edition, which is expected to be the last game of this franchise. The current partnership between EA Sports and FIFA has been extended to cover World Cup but this year’s FIFA 23 could be the last game of the franchise to be released. Starting from July 2023, EA Sports will be launching EA Sports FC which will take the place of the football-based video game.

Career mode is one of the most played and famous features in the game. It has two types of career modes – Manager career and Player career.

FIFA 23: EA Sports bring new features to the Career mode

Some of the highlight features coming to the Career Mode in FIFA 23 are:

  • Player Career Personality
  • Playable Highlights
  • New Menu
  • Dynamic Moments
  • Transfer Analysis
  • AI Tactics
  • Authentic Managers

The most interesting one among these new features is the Player Career Personality. EA Sports have added some exciting new dynamics to the game. Apart from playing, you will now have the option for various off-field activities to enhance your player’s personality.

player career personality fifa 23 FIFA 23: EA Sports bring the Player Career Personality feature to the Career mode

There are 3 types of player personalities:


Mavericks are aggressively chasing goals and acting on intuition, seeking stardom on and off the pitch. They’re more individualistic in general , focusing on their own achievements. They’re ambitious and will pursue their objectives without hesitation. Apart from their drive for achievements,  a more lavish lifestyle can be generated by a Maverick’s aura, but this of course takes nothing away from their flawless professional athlete lifestyle.


Virtuosos are skillful and intelligent, relying on their ability to change the course of matches in the blink of an eye. Completely focused on their performance, they are also ambitious, but most of their battles are internal. They aim to demonstrate   they are capable of putting their stamp on the game while achieving their goals. . They are rather humble, focusing their finances and influence towards getting to their athletic goals more efficiently.


A Heartbeat player is like the pulse of a team, reading the game ahead of their opponent and dominating through willpower, determination and resilience. Their top priority is to be sure that the whole team benefits from their presence, they’re not caring so much about personal awards on the shelf, but more about trying their best to fill the team’s trophy cabinet. They are always ready to help, give advice, and leave no one behind. Finances and influence are often used for charitable purposes. 

By doing various on-field and off-field activities you will earn personality points. Every Personality Point you earn is connected to a different Personality. For example, passing to a teammate to earn an assist while in an attacking position can generate Heartbeat points, while shooting, and scoring gives you Maverick and Virtuoso points. For instance, you could earn a total of 25 Personality Points in a match if you made a successful pass (+5 Heartbeat Points) and scored a goal (+20 combined Maverick/Virtuoso Points).

decision fifa 23 FIFA 23: EA Sports bring the Player Career Personality feature to the Career mode

You will also earn personality points from making decisions. For example:

  • Take all the credit and let the spotlight focus on you – gain Maverick Points.
  • Praise the team spirit and congratulate your colleagues – gain Heartbeat Points.
  • Stay humble and dedicate yourself to more hard work – gain Virtuoso Points.

You’ll also be needed to do investments with your hard-earned money earned from playing. Few examples of investing:

  • Phone App – Low risk
  • Clothes Branding – Medium risk
  • Stock Market – High risk

EA Sports have also added the shopping feature to the player personality. You will be able to hire staff, participate in charity events, and much more. As you grow financially you will get access to more items, services and events that will allow you to improve your Personality, improve Attributes, and expand your collection.

  • Hire a Personal Trainer – +1 Strength, +25% XP Training Boost, gain Virtuoso Points.
  • Donate to Schools – gain Heartbeat Points.
  • Purchase a Luxury Watch – gain Maverick Points.
  • Purchase an Electric Car – gain Virtuoso Points and Maverick Points.

EA Sports has introduced a lot of features to make the Career Mode exciting once again.

You can now pre-order the game:
Xbox Series X – https://amzn.to/3zC2FIn
PlayStation 5 – https://amzn.to/3BtRK4y

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