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FIFA 23: EA Sports releases Official Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer; Everything you need to know

EA Sports’ football-based video game FIFA has been a huge hit with the players over the years. They release a new version of the game around September each year. They have already started planning the release of the next FIFA game, FIFA 23.

However, many things are going to change in the upcoming edition, which is expected to be the last game of this franchise. The current partnership between EA Sports and FIFA has been extended to cover World Cup but this year’s FIFA 23 could be the last game of the franchise to be released. Starting from July 2023, EA Sports will be launching EA Sports FC which will take the place of the football-based video game.

EA Sports have added some new features to the matchday experience to make it more real. Let’s take a look at the new features.

FIFA 23: Official Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer

The new features of the Matchday Experience will only be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Stadia.

  • Hypermotion2 AR replays
  • Pre-match build up
  • Hyper-realistic pitch
  • High LOD crowds
  • Realistic 3D netting
fifa 23 hypermotion2 ar replays FIFA 23: EA Sports releases Official Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer; Everything you need to know
Hypermotion2 AR replays

The Augmented replays powered by Hypermotion2 are quite interesting. It shows various stats like expected goal, shot power, distance from goal, etc in the shot or free kick replays. The hyper-realistic pitch also makes the pitch more alive. You can see patches of grass torn off when a player slides across and all the things will remain for the whole game which is the case in real life.

EA Sports have also added some other features as well:

  • Female officials
  • New trainer
  • Camera refresh
  • In-match music
  • New post-goal sound effects
  • New celebrations

You can now pre-order the game:
Xbox Series X –
PlayStation 5 –

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Rahul Roy
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