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Farzi: Shahid Kapoor Meets with his Duplicate ‘Fake-Shahid’ on the shooting floor

At last Shahid Kapoor’ has debuted on the OTT platform with his action drama ‘Farzi’. The actor took to Instagram to share the news with a hilarious video featuring a ‘Farzi Shahid (fake Shahid)’.  The trailer starts with the fake Farzi similar to Shahid Kapoor performing in the action scenes. In the new clip, Shahid was seen walking to a set, where ‘fake Shahid’ was shooting.

The original Shahid tells to the actor in Hindi, “What is going on here?” To which, he replied, “We are shooting the trailer for Farzi.” Shahid looked shocked and said to him. “What did you say? Shooting the trailer for what? My show, Farzi? This is how you are shooting the trailer?” 


In the new trailer, we have seen Shahid Kapoor co-starring Vijay Sethupathi. The persons who are responsible for the Farzi are Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. On Wednesday, Shahid dropped an Instagram Reel to share a short glimpse from the set of the ‘fake’ Farzi trailer while he announced the real Farzi trailer would be out soon. In the last scene, Shahid was scolding ‘Farzi Shahid (fake Shahid)’ for taking his place on the set and filming a farzi (fake) trailer. Shahid’s mother, actor Neliima Azeem, and brother, actor Ishaan Khatter also reacted to the video. 

However, the duplicate said sorry, Shahid pushed him away and instruct him to look into the camera, “This trailer is fake. And this Shahid is also fake. My show is Farzi (fake), no wait, I mean he’s fake. My show is real but it’s called Farzi, which means fake. The real trailer is coming soon.” Shahid then looked around the set and asked the crew to pack up. He then said, “If I had not shown up here today, I don’t know what would have happened…” Mom Neliima commented on Shahid’s video, “Hehehe nice.”  

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f3 Farzi: Shahid Kapoor Meets with his Duplicate 'Fake-Shahid' on the shooting floor

The crime thriller Farzi features Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi, and the web series marks the OTT debut of both actors. The posters released earlier this month show Shahid as a conman, while Vijay is the law enforcement officer trying to track him down. 

Farzi: Release Date 

The OTT debut film Shahid Kapoor is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the trailer: 

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