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FanClash Launches Spectatr, a Groundbreaking Tech Platform to Redefine Interactive Fandom

FanClash, Asia’s largest fantasy Esports platform, today announced the launch of Spectatr, a groundbreaking tech platform that aims to redefine the landscape of interactive fandom with innovations for sports and Esports enthusiasts.

Spectatr leverages cutting-edge technology and a resolute vision to bring a paradigm shift in fan engagement that transcends traditional boundaries. The platform is designed to cater to the fans of sports such as Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, and Football as well as high-profile Esports titles including BGMI, DOTA2, CS:GO, Valorant, PUBG, and more to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience.

FanClash unveils Spectatr; Pioneering Platform set to revolutionize Fan Engagement for Sports and Esports Enthusiasts

“The launch of Spectatr marks a significant milestone in our journey of reshaping the way sports and Esports enthusiasts engage with their favorite games,” said Rishabh Bhansali, Co-Founder of Spectatr. “Our vision is to bridge the gap between technology and fandom to offer a seamless and immersive experience to users. The entire team’s passion for innovation has driven us to create a platform that not only captivates but also empowers fans, giving them a more interactive and personalized way to connect with the sports they love. We believe that the future of fandom lies in interactivity, and with Spectatr, we are leading that charge.”

FanClash Spectatr’s diverse product portfolio will set new industry standards by offering innovative solutions such as:

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  • Seamless plug-and-play daily fantasy solutions that encompass both Esports and traditional sports
  • A groundbreaking “Live” fantasy experience that keeps fans engaged in real-time action
  • AI-generated highlights that capture riveting in-game moments and seamlessly share them on social media
  • An in-stream fan engagement suite that provides fans with an immersive experience
  • Engaging free-to-play prediction solutions
  • Real-time data chatbots that provide fans with real-time data about their favorite sports

Spectatr has partnered with global fantasy operators, data providers, and tournament organizers to create an ecosystem that reinvents fan engagement on a global scale.

“We are excited to extend Spectatr’s transformative solutions to audiences around the world by partnering with global stakeholders,” said Rishabh Bhansali. “As we step into this new era of interactive sports fervor, we want to elevate the entire fan experience. Together, we will set the stage for a future where every moment of a game is an opportunity for fans to engage, connect, and celebrate.”

The launch of FanClash’s Spectatr comes at a time of rapid growth for the fantasy sports and Esports industries. According to a report by FICCI-EY, fantasy sports revenue grew from INR 33 billion in 2022 to INR 42 billion in 2022, with its user base estimated to have grown by at least 14% in 2022. Additionally, a report by Global Market Vision projects that the global Fantasy Esports Market is expected to grow from USD 6.45 billion in 2022 to USD 12.87 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of +12%.

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FanClash’s Spectatr is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. The platform’s innovative solutions offer fans a more interactive and engaging way to experience their favorite sports and Esports. With its global partnerships and reach, FanClash’s Spectatr is poised to become the leading platform for interactive fandom.


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