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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit on Disney Plus this June 

After getting huge in theatre, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness now is going to stream on the OTT platform at end of the month. Recently, Marvel declared Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness going to be available on Disney Plus.

We will once again see Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of the great sorcerer has been directed by Sam Raimi, at first, was launched for the theatres on 6th May. Sam Raimi said, his colleague Charles Pulliam-Moore named its bloated comic book event coming in the form of film. One thing is true you don’t have to check the theatre lines. 

Doctor Strange

The story revolves around great sorcerer Doctor Strange who describes the concept of the multiverse, Strange says, “Someone Once told me that the reality I thought I knew was just the one of many”. After that, it takes to the time while the previous sorcerer supreme is separate the body and the spirit of Strange, the multiple hand’s Doctor Strange, and the most important thing the trailer shows Strange and Iron Man are battling together. 

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Wong has been aware of choosing the path that he is going to travel down as it will affect the entire mankind,  and can disbalance the multiverse wheel. However, the trailer shows Elizabeth Olsen with red light in her hands, Mordo also replies to Strange’s assumption as he thinks there will be no such consequences, but Strange confirms that there at the end of the game,  but we all wish the ending should not be like Infinity War in which we have lost Iron Man. 

image 128 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit on Disney Plus this June 

Now comes to the lady sorcerer section as the trailer shows the ups and downs in their life, the grief, the sadness, and also the sacrifice that she has done, and instead she just got nothing in return. As Strange is not aware enough and nurtures the multiverse that takes the wrong turn, Wong says,’ What have you done?’, and even Strange also don’ want to mean this.

At the end of the trailer, everyone is blaming the strange from Wong, Mordo to Scarlet Witch. Mordo has seen to be fighting against Doctor Strange with a  sword and blaming him that he brought all the problems by himself. The Scarlet Witch is blaming him and says while she broke the rule she become an enemy but while Strange become the rule he becomes a hero, that’s not so fair.  

There is a chance that Wanda may not cooperate with Doctor Strange due to the conflict. 


The film has a sorcerer Wong who believes the trio is the fate of the multiverses and once again reveals a one-eyed monster looking like an octopus throwing a bus at Strange, and Strange is just defense for him.  We have seen Wong is also who can control the multiverse.  

image 129 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit on Disney Plus this June 

In the last trailer, we have seen that Wong has been ready next to Scarlet Witch to stop someone infront of them we have seen a creature behind Wong, we have seen that creature also in the posters and in the last trailer in a beast look, it may be Chthon, there are many theories exist about this creature. Chthon is mainly a creature from the Darkhole, and is seen in the book Wundagore mountain which is the place where Wanda was during her post-credit scenes of Wanda Vision.

The book has been closed for centuries until it has been discovered and its dark and dangerous magic was revealed. In the comics, Chthon mainly inhabited the body of Quicksilver who is the brother of Wanda Maximoff. We can be wrong the creatures may be guard dogs in the area and Wong and Wanda are trying to resist the person to enter the area.  

Wong is aware that the fate of the multiverse completely depends on them, and the path indicates such a heavy toll. The twist In the trailer is the alternative version of  Strange, which is Evil Strange. The trailer reveals a tremendous battle between Karl Mordo, and a  mysterious dark hole rounding, and then it reveals the evil Strange who opened his third eye, and the Supreme and  Evil  Strange engage in a face, the trailer also reveals zombie strange who is also bad enough.  

image 130 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit on Disney Plus this June 

America Chavez 

The most interesting fact is America Chavez or Miss America is also going to come in this film. We all have seen a  lighting lady burning like a   fire whom many assume is Captain Marvel, but now it has been confirmed that this lady is America Chavez. The original name is Nick Dragotta Chavez codenamed Miss America.

She can enhance a number of superhuman powers like boosting strength and durability and possess the ability to travel inter-dimensionally. She worked as one of the toughest young Avengers and Ultimates. Now we have to wait to see what role she will play in this Marvel adaptation. 

image 131 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to hit on Disney Plus this June 

Captain Carter 

The new trailer reveals more footage of Captain Carter along with a live-action fight, which is also exposing her shield that is bouncing odd several walls and it also what is going to appear such Illuminati headquarters. The live-action introduction of captain carter and also would be the first such adaptation within the MCU. Now the Illuminati also had been confirmed to appear in the feature last week by the separate teaser dropped by Marvel Studios. Captain Carter was seen to fight with America Chavez. 

However, there are a lot of other elements existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus. Marvel’s Moon Knight debut season just wrapped up; Ms. Marvel delay the release to next week 8th June, and also the incredible She-Hulk series is coming in this August. For theatre Thot: Love and Thunder are going to hir on 8th July 2022. 

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